Xiang He

From: Beijing, China
Studied: 1990-1994: Electronic engineering (China, B.Sc.); 2014-2017: MBA (Finland)
Working in JAMK: almost 6 years
Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, Finnish

“Internationality measures how an organization reacts and adapts to the mega trend of globalization for staying more agile and stronger.”

I work as a Coordinator of Global Education Services at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. My work mainly focuses on JAMK’s commercial education programmes in mainland China, which means the coordination of thorough process for delivering our service products.

My work includes everything from service planning and marketing to contract initiation and negotiation, administrative support to service delivery, as well as building and maintaining the partner relationship.

I work closely with our experts in those study fields of where JAMK creates commercial programmes for targeted clients. I often consult department heads and function managers/leaders crossing schools or units. Usually my clients are Chinese public higher education institutions, and communicating with more than 10 institutions regarding anything related to JAMK education services is my daily routine.

I have also participated in three different projects of national funded higher education collaboration concerning curricula development in different fields, and participated to project application to prepare one Erasmus+ higher education consortium project. Hosting Chinese delegations visiting to JAMK is also normal routine work for me.

So there are A LOT of moving parts in my work, and I think communication is one of the key actions that help me keeping all the “balls in the air”. If I had to describe my work with one word, it would be “dynamic” – no matter how fancy my own plan or schedule is, usually there are always some changes or surprises. However, I love my work, and partner feedback like “JAMK is the most valuable foreign partner for us!” (actual words from a Chinese partner university) makes me feel I am doing things right.