We are your global partner whether you want to develop individuals in your organisation or an entire education system. Furthermore, Jamk is an excellent partner in academic staff and student mobility.

Jamk is reinventing higher education.

9 500

students from over 70 countries
Over 1 500 students graduate from Jamk every year. 80 % of graduates are employed within a year after the graduation.


partners in over 50 countries
Jamk is truly international with a wide international network. Every year Jamk attracts 350 international degree and 400 exchange students.


new companies each year
Jamk offers a good foundation for those who want to be entrepreneurs. Every year 20 new companies are founded at Jamk.

Jamk is internationally acclaimed for reinventing education and developing competitiveness


Creating competence


The activities of the university of applied sciences community are based on responsibility, trust and creativity.

Jamk's Focus Areas

Jamk is a multidisciplinary university of applied sciences that awards degrees in the fields covered in its operating license. It also carries out RDI work in the corresponding fields and produces services to its clients. The themes that cut across Jamk’s strategy are the renewal and digitalisation of learning, the development of new business, sales expertise and entrepreneurship and the internationally acknowledged quality. These themes are implemented in all areas of Jamk’s activities and are developed by the entire UAS. 

Additionally, specific focus areas and new rising fields have been selected based on the needs of the operating environment and Jamk’s as well as cooperation partners’ strong expertise. The expertise of Jamk and the cooperation partners gathered creates nationally competitive centres of excellence.

The focus areas are growing and known at the national and partly also at the international level. Each focus area has a significant education task, focused RDI activity and professional service activity. The focus areas are compatible with the growth pact of the City of Jyväskylä and the regional strategy for Central Finland. 

Automation and robotics

We help companies navigate and develop through automation, robotics, machine vision and closely related technologies.


Jamk is a developer of business and promoter of export activity within bioeconomy. It creates new material economy and circular economy saving natural resources. Several areas of expertise are connected to bioeconomy.

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation

We act as a forerunner in rehabilitation, developing the best rehabilitation solutions in collaboration with working and business life.


We educate experts in responsible tourism and develop the tourism industry in collaboration with businesses and our other partners.

Applied Cybersecurity

Today's world relies strongly on digital services and information. We are at the forefront of technological development, and the preparedness for modern cyber threats.

Innovative Learning

On this focus area Jamk develops, innovates, and researches work-oriented learning and pedagogical solutions that support it. We serve as your development and research partner in the work-oriented learning ecosystem!


Jamk is a multidisciplinary University of Applied Sciences with four fields of education (schools) and administration. The schools providing education are the School of Professional Teacher Education, the School of Health and Social Studies, the School of Business and the School of Technology. Institute of Bioeconomy, the Institute of Information Technology and the Institute of Renewable Industry operate within the Technology Unit, and the Institute of Rehabilitation within the School of Health and Social Studies.

We operate in three campuses in Jyväskylä and in the Institute of Bioeconomy in Tarvaala, Saarijärvi. We have also few small premises and offices in Jyväskylä and in Helsinki.

Get to know our campuses

Jamk Administration

Jamk University of Applied Sciences Ltd. is the owner of Jamk. Jamk operates in accordance with the Polytechnics Act and its own Administrative Regulations and Ordinances.

School of Professional Teacher Education

Jamk's School of Professional Teacher Education offers post-degree programmes for professionals from different fields of expertise, who aim for a career as a teacher or who wish to develop themselves as facilitators of learning.

School of Health and Social Studies

Our cooperation in the national and international networks relays our expertise far and wide. At the same time, it creates new information and competence for the operators in our region.

School of Business

We create new experts in the field of Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management through our Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes. We also offer solutions for SMEs and the public sector for improving competitiveness.

School of Technology

We develop and strengthen learning, competence and competitiveness together with partners and cooperation networks in Engineering, ICT, and Bioeconomy. Creativity. Technology.

Fields of study

Business Administration

In the field of Business Administration we offer Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes both in English and in Finnish. We also offer continuing education and R&D services.


Music educators graduating from the Degree Programme in Music have extensive knowledge of the field of music, a high level of practical musicianship and the skills to apply their competence in different changing operating environments.


Information and communication technology offers work for skilled people. JAMK offers education leading to a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business as well as to a Master’s degree focused i.e on AI, Cybersecurity, and Software Development.

Natural Resources and Environment

In the field of Natural resources and Environment we offer our students versatile knowledge in domestic animal production, crop farming, forestry, environmental care, renewable energy, and new technologies of agribusiness.

Professional Teacher Education

At Jamk's School of Professional Teacher Education, you can study the pedagogical qualifications (required to work as a teacher in Finland). Our International Professional Teacher Education is available in English as hybrid studies.

Social Services and Health Care

In the field of Social Services and Health Care we offer seven bachelor's and six master's degree programmes. The degree programme in nursing is taught in both Finnish and English. We have two Master´s degree programmes in English.


Study a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering, or choose Open UAS Studies in the field of technology at Jamk. Graduated engineers are prepared to plan, manage and develop their environment with a creative manner, seeking for new solutions.

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. In addition to our degree programmes, we offer lifelong learning opportunities and customized services for businesses on request. Learn more about our offerings and specialities!