RDI projects

The main form of implementation of Jamk's RDI activities are projects whose most important funding channels are public funding programmes. The objectives of these programmes include promoting employment, increasing the competitiveness and vitality of regions, and increasing business opportunities.

RDI activities in over 150 projects

RDI activities focusing on development activities serve working life and consider the needs of the operating environment. It is a systematic activity for the utilisation of new information to create new substances, products, production processes, methods, and systems, or to significantly improve existing ones. In addition to strong development work, Jamk has invested in promoting research that produces new information. Take a look of what we are doing right now in our RDI projects and what kind of results these projects have achieved.

In addition to regional development, Jamk is an active RDI actor in international fields. Development cooperation projects related to education are at the forefront of international RDI activities.