Study paths, Bachelor's Degree
Study paths, Bachelor's Degree
Free studies for unemployed and asylum seekers
Free studies for unemployed and asylum seekers
Study Paths, Master's Degree
Study Paths, Master's Degree
How to enrol
How to enrol
About studying
About studying

Jamk Open University of Applied Sciences

Open UAS Studies are available to everyone, irrespective of age and educational background. The courses are suitable for you who

  • want to develop your expertise or the knowledge and skills needed in the world of work
  • are considering studies at a university of applied sciences and want to be familiarised with your future field of study
  • want to advance your all-round education in your areas of interest

Courses in Jamk Open UAS have the same objectives, contents, requirements, and teachers as the courses in degree programmes. However, you cannot complete the whole degree in Jamk Open University of Applied Sciences. In order to complete a degree, you must apply for admission to Jamk’s degree programmes through the national joint application of universities of applied sciences. If you are admitted later, your studies can be credited in a degree at Jamk.

Jamk for Ukraine

Information about different forms of support by Jamk for anyone who has fled from Ukraine to Finland due to Russia's invasion.

Summer Courses in Jamk Open UAS

Summer studies, why not? There are plenty of interesting courses, choose yours!

Aim for Degree Studies through Study Path!

Study enough credits on a study path and apply to degree studies - jump directly to the second study year, often without any entrance exam!

Aim for Master's Degree in Jamk Open UAS

Start your path towards a Master's Degree in Jamk Open UAS

Online Courses in Jamk Open UAS

Our online studies are available anywhere in the world. Studies listed below can be entirely completed remotely. Jump right in!

All courses in Jamk Open UAS

Study paths and single courses. Pick your own!

Study abilities and planning

Required study abilities and planning.

Enrolment and fees in Jamk Open UAS

Open UAS Studies take place in three semesters: autumn, spring and summer. Read more about enrolment and fees.

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Contact information of Jamk Open University of Applied Sciences.

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Welcome to Jamk Open UAS! Find important information on studying with us.