School of Professional Teacher Education

To be a pedagogical pioneer, it is vital to understand that learning is a life-long process. The world around us is changing and so are the learners. This challenges but also inspires us every day.

Jamk's School of Professional Teacher Education offers post-degree programmes for professionals from different fields of expertise, who aim for a career as a teacher or who wish to develop themselves as facilitators of learning. Professional Teacher Education provides the pedagogical qualification for teaching in Finland. Equal opportunities and ensured study paths for all learners are important principles in the Finnish society and thus, our Vocational Special Needs Teacher and Study Councellor programmes are popular year-to-year.

Jamk's School of Professional Teacher Education is a highly esteemed professional pedagogy expert and a sought-after partner in the development of education and guidance. We have participated in developing educational institutions and systems both in Finland and in other countries. Our Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities continually produce new pedagogical solutions, which we disseminate to various educational institutions and organisations through our education and development services.


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Teaching Professionals since 1962

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Attending In-service Training Every Year


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Are you interested in teaching and training? In our post-degree programmes you can study to become a professional teacher, vocational special needs teacher and study counsellor.

The length of the studies varies from 1 to 2 years depending on the student's personal study plan. We offer you an enthusiastic and inspiring learning environment. The annual application period is on January.

Professional Teacher Education

International Teacher Education for the Digital Era

Application period: 3.1.2024 - 18.1.2024

Study mode:

Part-time studies

Education starts: 1.8.2024

Vocational Special Needs Teacher Education

Study mode:

Part-time studies

Education starts: 1.8.2024

Specialise in Study Counselling

Study mode:

Part-time studies

Education starts: 1.8.2024

Joy of Learning in Continuing Education and RDI

The development of professional competences is an investment for the future. In the hands of our skilful educators and with well-chosen learning methods, the learners will not only enhance their skills but also get motivated to develop their work.

We collaborate with organisations and professionals from all over the world. For organisations we tailor various educational services and development programmes. For individuals in Finland we provide skills development courses and educational services of which some are funded by Finnish National Board of Education.

Rapid changes in life and work challenge us all in continuous learning. The ability to innovate and adapt to changes is needed in both individual and organisational development.

We share and strengthen our expertise through close cooperation with our partners. We have implemented international RDI projects all over the world since 1990's and our role in exporting educational business services is constantly expanding. In our RDI activities we develop educational solutions that anticipate future challenges and turn them into opportunities for teachers and educational systems.

Pekka Risku

Yksikönjohtaja, Director
AOKK Hallinto, Administration
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education