15.6.2021 10:00 - 15.6.2021 12:00

Get connected with Biobord

Welcome to get connected with the Biobord Network and hear more of our future plans!

Aika: 15.6.2021 10:00 - 15.6.2021 12:00
Paikka: Online event
Koulutustyyppi: Luonnonvara-ala
Kieli: Englanti

We are introducing the Joint Agendas of the Biobord Network. Explore how to join our network initiatives on:

  • BRS innovation co-operation
  • Alternative proteins
  • Digital forestry

We are sharing our toolbox for network partners. Learn about our tested open innovation process for international co-operation!

Programme allows for group discussions to identify co-operation opportunities and possibilities to join our network initiatives.

Register by June 10th!

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Kumpulainen Riikka

Kumpulainen Riikka

Projektipäällikkö, Project Manager
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology
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