19.9.2016 12:45 - 19.9.2016 15:00

Guidance Generalia

Interested in beginning your Higher Education studies or finding out about your international qualification's status and recognizing process in Finland? This coming Guidance Generalia event is targeted to people with migrant backgrounds looking for study options within Finnish Higher Education. Also, already enrolled international students or graduated experts may find this worthwile!

Aika: 19.9.2016 12:45 - 19.9.2016 15:00
Paikka: JAMK, main campus, room C119. Rajakatu 35, 40200 Jyväskylä
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Seminaari
Kieli: Englanti, Suomi

SIMHE-Metropolia in co-operation with JAMK University of Applied Sciences and SIMHE-UniPID organizes:

Guidance Generalia.
Languages: Finnish and English

In the interactive event you will hear and learn more about:

  • Finnish education & higher education system
  • Applying for higher education
  • Recognising International Qualifications in Finland/Finnish National Board of Education

Plus you will be able to pose your individual questions to the guidance and education expert present in the event.

In Guidance Generalia, you will get familiar with the Finnish education system and in Finnish higher education system in particular

  • obtain information on what and where you can study in Finland as an asylum seeker and as an immigrant
  • obtain information on how to apply for higher education
  • have ideas what you need to take into account when planning studies
  • get extra knowledge on the selected and variable topic that is specific for each lecture.

The lectures are organised in Metropolia UAS, Helsinki, and streamed to JAMK UAS. The lectures are open to everyone.

More information:
simhe-info (at) metropolia.fi
simhe-info (at) jyu.fi