20.11.2018 12:00 - 20.11.2018 13:00

Nolla goes JAMK

Nolla Restaurant: The first zero waste restaurant in the Nordic countries. Is it possible? Join our free webinar to learn more about Nolla!

Aika: 20.11.2018 12:00 - 20.11.2018 13:00
Paikka: JAMK, Auditorium Valjakka, Rajakatu 35 40100 Jyväskylä Rajakatu 35
Koulutustyyppi: Matkailu-, ravitsemis- ja talousala
Tapahtuman tyyppi: Seminaari
Kieli: Englanti

Earlier this year Nolla Restaurant opened its doors in the centre of Helsinki, with one clear objective in mind: to be the first zero waste restaurant in the Nordic countries. The founders and chefs Carlos, Albert and Luka therefore work tirelessly in this direction, not only inside the restaurant itself (for example by not having trashbins in the kitchen), but also with their suppliers (by eliminating packaging and using seasonal products). More info!

The combination of Nordic produce with the Mediterranean approach results in a unique dining experience, where great service is at the core. On November 20th Nolla will visit JAMK, to present the road they have walked so far and what plans they still have for the future. Join the discussion starting at 12 in JAMK Auditorium Valjakka – Rajakatu 35.

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