Research on the experimentation testing the professional development model  for tutors in work-based learning in the Baltic countries

Authors: Leena Kaikkonen & Irmeli Maunonen-Eskelinen (Eds.)

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JAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Professional Teacher Education conducted the research in the Baltic countries on the impact of the work-based learning tutor training, in which the teachers from VET schools and the representatives of the companies were trained together.

According to EU guidelines, research on policy experimentations, like described here, need to depend on the collection and evaluation of evidence through large-scale field trials, and the related reports should consist of more descriptive findings than conceptual analysis. Accordingly, this report involves a lot of views of the diverse informants in the Baltic countries. The report describes how the participants of the tandem training assessed their competence before and six months after the training. In addition, the report relates the lead trainers’ experiences regarding implementing the training and the views of the VET students, the VET school managers and the company managers about work-based learning and the tutor training.

Publication series: Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 277
Educational Unit: School of Professional Teacher Education
ISSN-L: 1456-2332
ISBN 978-951-830-557-9 (Printed)
ISBN 978-951-830-558-6 (PDF)
Published: 2020
Pages: 248 p.

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