Step by Step Guide to Thesis Process

Author(s): Jorma Kananen

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This book is a practical step-by-step guide for thesis writers. It explains research concepts and techniques in simple layman’s terms and helps you raft through the thesis process without hitting the worst rocks.

The book covers both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Special emphasis is on the criteria of scientific research, reliability and validity, as well as presentation of quantitative material.

The thesis is often seen as an insurmountable challenge. Thesis research is, however, no rocket science – except for rocket scientists. Scientific work proceeds according to certain rules, just like any other work that aims at a good end result. This book will help you reach that result.

Jorma Kananen is Principal Lecturer in Business Research and Development at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland, and has a long career as a market researcher and teacher of scientific research.

Publication series: Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 114
ISSN: 1456-2332
ISBN 978-951-830-184-7
Published: 2011
Pages: 158

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