Community Development, River Restoration and Environmental Education

Editor: Varpu Savolainen

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This book shows elements of good practice in managing northern watercourses and their environs. The manual is an output of the project Integrated Approach to Northern Watercourses and their Community Development (NorWat). The project was carried out in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Scotland in 2004–2007. NorWat was partly funded by the EU Interreg IIIB NPP.

Participatory and integrated approach was the thread running through the project and all of its activities. The manual shows ‘grass roots’ level work in finding solutions acceptable to the range of stakeholders. Several cases are presented with photos and illustrations. Lessons learned are also described.

The manual has three main sections, according to the main themes of the NorWat. The first part concentrates on community development. The second part describes experiences in watercourse restoration activities and water quality improvement work. The main focus in the third part is on environmental education. This manual provides a tool and reference for similar work elsewhere in the Northern Periphery area.

Publication series: Publications of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences 73
Educational unit: Institute of Natural Resources
ISSN: 1456-2332
ISBN: 951-830-113-7
Published: 2007
Pagination: 389 p.

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