Teacher Education Playing Cards

Author(s): Marja Olsonen & Kirsti Vänskä

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The Teacher Education College of JAMK University of Applied Sciences defines four competence areas: facilitating learning, developing the educational environment, cooperation and interaction, and continuous learning. The playing cards are based on these competence areas.

Different learning games are new methods in teacher education, and they have been seen very popular among students. Playing helps teacher students to learn cooperation, interaction, new concepts and new methods to their study, and to teacher´s work life. The cards are also a useful method of counselling. Teachers can reflect and compare their competences to their own concepts. The traditional playing cards are an easy and joyful method.

The goal of the playing cards is

  • to share together with participants different concepts of teaching and professionalism in teaching with participants from different teaching cultures
  • to share together with participants a new creative method to teacher education
  • to discuss with participants about teaching and teacher competences

Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 160
Educational Unit: Teacher Education College
ISSN 1456-2332
ISBN 978-951-830-286-8
Published: 2013
Illustrations by: Riitta Uusitalo
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