Want to learn how business is carried out in Latin America? Join our Business Studies in Latin America, Buenos Aires! Four-month Programme starts in January 2019. 

The main focus of the programme is the economy and business environment of Argentina, Chile and Brazil. In addition to business training, the program includes Spanish courses at three different levels and visits to local companies and organizations. This 30 ECTS credit programme is held 18.1. - 26.4.2019 and conducted completely in English.

You can use this course as part of the specialization studies of economics/business administration at universities and universities of applied sciences. The course content has been designed by both JAMK’s School of Business and UADE, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. The course is implemented by UADE, which also awards the course certificate.

Programme Benefits

Participants have the opportunity to build a strong set of skills for effectively doing business in Latin America through:

  • A combination of multiple learning perspectives: Business Spanish Skills, Latin American Economic Issues and Hands-On Latin Business Operational Strategies.
  • On-Site Learning in Buenos Aires: The city´s elegance, business orientation and blend of genuine Latin and European tradition make it the best option for foreign students.
  • Established track record. 
  • Highly qualified professors and lecturers. 
  • Cooperation with companies, entrepreneurs and trade associations for visits, case studies, industry speakers and practical situations. 
  • International Student Body: Students from Finland, France, Russia, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Brazil and Argentina have participated in past editions.

Content Highlights

  • Leadership and Negotiation in Latin Emerging Markets
  • Global Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management in Latin America
  • Global Marketing and Sales 
  • Spanish Language and Communication Skills
  • Latin American Design
  • Foreign Trade in MERCOSUR
  • Company visits

To whom?

Our programme suits perfectly for bachelor and master level students, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in developing their business skills in Latin America.

Costs for students 2019

  • Tuition fee UADE Business School:  1680 €. Invoicing in four slots December-March.
  • JAMK´s fee: 300 € to cover administrative and planning costs. Invoicing in December.
  • Flights: Every partcipants is responsible to book and pay the flights personally.
  • Housing Suggestions. UADE student residence is not available.
  • Insurance is at your own responsibility. Please supply a copy of your insurance certificate one month prior to departure.
  • Visa will not be needed as long as you travel out of the country within three months. If you want to apply for a Visa it can be done at UADE upon arrival.

To be able to participate you will have to apply by 30 October.

Apply by 30 October

Cancellation policy

By submitting this application, you commit to participate in the programme in Buenos Aires in the spring of 2019 and to pay for all the mentioned costs. The charge for cancellation between 15.11. -15.12.2018 is 300€. If the cancellation is made between 16.12.2018 – 18.1.2019, the charge for cancellation is the total UADE tuition fee.

The market potential of the Southern Cone is growing

sd"Argentina and its two smaller neighbors, Uruguay and Paraguay, form a promising market and investment ground for European companies. The vast natural resources in energy and mining of the three countries are yet to be fully commercialized. With the growing global demand for food and animal feed, there is also plenty of room for expansion of the agricultural sector. I am convinced that we haven´t seen the best of these countries yet. 

The local business environment is sometimes particular and might be challenging to Europeans, so there is a clear need for local knowledge and expertise for new companies entering these markets. These countries are working hard to attract foreign investments and facilitate commercial relations between MERCOSUR and the European Union countries. If the EU and MERCOSUR manage to agree and sign the association agreement in the near future, there will even more commercial and other opportunities.
The overall trend is overtly promising. During the next ten years, these three countries will grow in importance. In order to plan and carry out successful operations in this part of the world, companies from Finland and other European countries will need trained advisers and employees who are familiar with the local ways of doing business and who are able to master the Spanish language.”
Teemu Turunen – Ambassador of Finland to Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

Contact person

Korkia-Aho Risto

Korkia-Aho Risto

Kansainvälisten asioiden koordinaattori, International Coordinator
LIKE Hallinto, Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

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