Smarthome II

Smarthome II
Muu projekti
Muu ala
4.9.2013 - 27.12.2014
Muu kansainvälinen (ei EU-rahoitus)
Projektin kuvaus

Based on the background of the growing percentage of senior citizens in European societies the main idea of the IP is to pay more attention for senior citizens in engineer education and designing of products and environments. We will create an IP, which concentrates on user friendly innovations and design where the needs of elderly are at the center.

Participant students will work in multidisciplinary way in teams under supervising of professors and teachers of different professions. These teams are internationally mixed and the language is English as foreign language for all participants. This IP will enhance also mobility and international cooperation.

Participants will have plenty of possibilities to train their international cooperation and improve their language skills in English. Working and learning methods are based on project and design works, but students will also have e-learning, lessons and excursions. Individual results for every participating student are increasing skills in scientific presentation and discussion of project solutions as well as integration and conflict solution in a multicultural team. The final result is a learning diary made by every team. Projects and learning diaries will be in IPs web site. Because of internationality and multidisciplinary the IP is an innovation in education. New innovations are possible also in product and environment design. The IP will promote positive attitude to ageing and disseminate it to Europe. So it makes a contribution to the future.

Participating universities are:

  • West-Saxon Applied University(Coordinator)
  • Technical university of Cluj
  • University of Trento
  • Esslingen Applied University
  • Katalonian Technical University

German DAAD(Deutscher Akademische Austausch Dienst) will finance the project.