MUSAE - Multidisciplinary Skills for Artists’ Entrepreneurship


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15.1.2020 - 14.1.2024
Erasmus+ Key Action 2
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Multidisciplinary Skills for Artists' Entrepreneurship / MUSAE


Over the
last years, the importance of the so-called cultural and creative industries
has greatly increased. Today, cultural and creative industries are recognized
driving factors for socio-economic development and according to global demand,
also stimulated by the new economy. Indeed, Cultural and Creative industries
sector is an important player in the economic and political context, and its
strength lays on its ability to encourage both competitiveness and
inclusiveness in different fields of business, although its further development
still encounters certain obstacles. Several studies have been produced on the
impact of creative industries on the national economy in several countries and
regions, but little has been reported on the impact of such new economic
frameworks on artists as subjective motives, learning approach, mismatch
between learning and teaching methods, underlying decisions to adopt or not the
role of entrepreneurs.

Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The role of JAMK in the MUSAE project

JAMK will bring to the
project its experience in developing and implementing entrepreneurial
competences in the Arts curricula. Based on vast experience in developing
educational modules in competence based curriculum, JAMK will lead designing of
the new Modules tailored on countries characteristics and expectations in WP3. JAMK role is
also to share its knowledge and experience in project management and quality
control and monitoring of project outputs.

For more information about the MUSAE-project please check the project website.

More information about the JAMK part: