Mobility for vocational education and training


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1.10.2018 - 30.9.2020
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Erasmus+ Key Action 2
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Mobility for Vocational Education and Training MoBVET

This international Erasmus+ project is lead by Tarto University with several project partners. Project partners include JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Lappia Vocational College, Tarto Vocational College, Cesie, Acta Center and West-Nottighamshire College.

The main aim of the project is to make students and teachers better equipped to work in international environments, both at home and abroad.

The two main objectives for the project have been: 

Firstly, to create a functional and sustainable strategic partnership to facilitate the internationalisation of VET programmes. The strategic partnership is the main body that will work to implement the project successfully and generate real value for institutions, countries and the wider European community. 

The second objective is to create a specific tool for internationalisation, which is not currently available. We aim to generate a digital environment (hereinafter named Platform), which will provide support and practical help to VET institutions (as an Intellectual Output).  This will be a multidimensional environment, designed to assist VET programmme teachers, trainers and students to develop their intercultural competences and reflection skills before, during and after a period of mobility. The platform will support international mobility,  preparing and helping teachers and students through practical advice and the sharing of valuable learning experiences. 

During the project four transnational meetings have been held in countries representing project partners. 

First transnational meeting was in October, 25.-26, 2018, CESIE, Palermo, Italy

Purpose: Kick off - meeting to discuss about project management, finance, communication, quality, dissemination, impact and evaluation plan. Share tasks and responsibilities, local VET school visit.

Topics discussed and activities: Introduction of partner institutions; Why MOBVET; Activities timeline; Budgeting and budget frames; Mapping the VET mobility issues in the partner institutions; Internal communication tools: E-mail list, Trello, Platform; Transnational meetings; Dissemination and multiplier events; Quality management and impact assessment. Visit to Liceo Artistico Statale in Palermo.

Second transnational meeting was held in May, 23.-24, 2019, JAMK - University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland 

Purpose: Transnational meeting to discuss about the progress of MOBVET project, work on the general study module contents and country specific modules contents. Discussion about shared tasks and responsibilities. VET school visit (Gradia, Jyväskylä). 

Topics discussed and activities: Quality management – short summary of evaluation of Palermo meeting. Future activities. Characteristics of good online course. Discussion over the General Study modules. Visit to Gradia.

Third transnational meeting was held in November 5.- 6, 2019 - West Nottinghamshire College, Mansfield, UK 

Purpose: Transnational meeting to discuss over the current stage of the project and define timeline for the future activities.  

Topics discussed and activities: Progress overview by the partners  (what is going on at the institution; main project related activities; potential problems, other); discussions over study module, preparations for piloting of study module, content of each country specific module, preparation for dissemination events.Practicalities (time sheets, budget etc). Visit to West Nott Campus and Newstead Abbey.

The final transnational meeting was held virtually and hosted by Tarto  University in May 2020. Experiencies were shared and dissamination plans were discussed.