Access to Lifelong Learning in Higher Education for All

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1.10.2011 - 31.5.2014
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Lifelong learning - Erasmus
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ALLinHE (All in Higher Education) focuses on the social inclusion for all in European learning and working environments. Social and economic mobility is strengthened by developing Validity of Prior Learning (VPL)-approaches to link target groups to European HE-learning opportunities. The project allows learners to use their learning achievements, gained through different life-activities in order to broaden future learning opportunities.

ALLinHE links the methods of VPL  to a practical strategy for the social inclusion of the target groups. Why?

  1. Europe needs dynamic HE to stay competitive, but HE lacks ‘an open door policy';
  2. Top-down facilities are in place (legislation, EQF, etc.), but practical methodology for opening up HE (bottom-up practices) fails;
  3. VPL opens up and supports learning chances for all citizens, but is under-developed and -utilized;
  4. Testing the innovated VPL will facilitate access to HE for social inclusion of target groups and bridge the gap between the top-down and bottom-up practices in HE;

Project Leader & Coordinator:

Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands,

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Korean partners:

The project runs from October 1, 2011 until May 31, 2014.

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