Project has eight work packages (responsible party):

  • WP1 Management (JAMK)
    • Anneli Kakko, leader of WP1
  • WP2 Reengineering of company-HEI- cooperation based on the novelty factors (JAMK)
    • Pasi Ahonen, leader of WP2
  • WP3 Competence coaching concept (C3) (ME)
    • Peter Bikfalvi, leader of WP3
  • WP4 Resource alliance (ME)
    • Gabriella Vadaszne Bognar, leader of WP4
  • WP5 Real life problem solving (HE)
    • Horst Haberhauer, leader of WP5
  • WP6 Quality assurance (JAMK)
    • Jouni Jurvelin, leader of WP6
  • WP7 Dissemination (HE)
    • Sebastian Duda, leader of WP7
  • WP8 Exploitation of results (TUCLUJ)
    • Ciprian Lapusan, leader of WP8

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