A guide for conducting qualitative and quantitative research online

Author: Jorma Kananen

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The book deals with online or web research or how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research in the Internet. Research activities have moved into the Internet, because people and businesses have moved there some of their operations. The net has become a place where people spend more and more of their time.

Through the Internet you can research the traditional physical world but on the other hand research may be aimed at the online world itself: what people are doing online, how they operate, how they organise themselves and how they can be influenced. The book also addresses tools for measuring online traffic (web analytics).

Methods of conducting research have not changed as the same analytical methods still apply for analysing materials online. The Internet has socialised research activities but not, however, the requirement for knowhow regarding planning, conducting and analysing research.     

Publication series: Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 196
Koulutusyksikkö: School of Business
ISSN-L: 1456-2332
ISBN 978-951-830-370-4 (Printed)
ISBN 978-951-830-371-1 (PDF)
Published: 2015
Pages: 300

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