Millennials’ educational journey into the Mindful Leadershipbook cover

Marcella Zoccoli (Ed.)

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The passion for the topic of leadership, as process and influence based relationship, bonded a team of student-writers who genuinely experienced this educational journey into the Mindful Leadership when “flying on the Eagle” during the learning path. This book is a collection of articles about the ingredients of Mindful Leadership, as perceived and experienced by the students, the intertwine of leadership with mindfulness and the need for leaders to be lifelong learners. It offers to the readers some insight, a new fresh start suitable for the development of the personal evolution and professional career. They shared the dream and the intention to contribute for a change for other students and people eager to know something more about the meaning and the challenges of leadership and investing efforts to raise social awareness and responsibility leading to social, professional and technological change for the collective benefit. This is the essence and the nature of this work.

Publication series: Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 244 
Educational unit: School of Business
ISSN-L: 1456-2332
ISBN 978-951-830-478-7 (Printed) 
ISBN 978-951-830-479-4 (PDF) 
Published: 2018
Pages: 87

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