How to Grow into a Teampreneur

Author: Timo Lehtonen

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"It’s interesting that my thoughts about Tiimiakatemia and my team follow me everywhere I go. They’re deep in my subconscious, and they surface suddenly as if some-one were yanking them up with a rope. Then they sink back down and disappear. Perhaps Tiimiakatemia is on the uppermost layer of my life right now, along with the people there. In the future, that space will most surely be taken over by something else, and these lived years will follow me as know-how, skills, attitudes and a way of thinking about things, situations and people.”

Join a penguin (first-year learner) getting acquainted with Tiimiakatemia, the leading European Centre of excellence in Teampreneurship, which operates in the JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. The journey begins at the premises of Tiimiakatemia and comes to an end on an uninhabited island, where you will meet the Coach. Dialogue creates the Teampreneur’s force field and reveals the future vision of Tiimiakatemia. Colorful stories and happy illustrations present the most impor-tant theories and philosophies upon which the whole intriguing learning architecture is built. The daily life of Tiimiakatemia is made up of human interaction, which is why the book features a lot of dialogue.

The author, Timo Lehtonen, has served as a coach at Tiimiakatemia since 2002. He has profound experience in coaching team companies and developing the learning organiza-tion. He has coached 10 teams of which 8 have graduated as Bachelors of Business Ad-ministration. The illustrations were made by Tiina Hoskari, who is specialized in graphic facilitation and works as an entrepreneur in Kuvitellen Oy.

Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 162
Educational Unit: School of Business and Services Management
ISSN 1456-2332
ISBN 978-951-830-290-5 (Printed)
ISBN 978-951-830-291-2 (PDF)
Published: 2013

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