Developing Vocational Teacher Education in Estonia

Author(s): Leena Kaikkonen; Siiri Hanson; Mare Kraav & Ulla Mutka (eds.)

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The report describes and assesses a project to develop vocational teacher education in Estonia, which was implemented by Jyvaskyla Polytechnic in 1993–1998 as part of bilateral cooperation between the Finnish and Estonian Ministries of Education.The goal of the project was to design a curriculum for vocational teacher education and to develop ways to implement it in practice.

The project trained a total of 62 teachers from colleges of social and health care and the tourism and service industries. Another important goal was to make the learning outcomes of the project available forthe use of other teachers and researchers who are active in the field of vocational education.

Publication series: Publications of Jyväskylä Polytechnic 4
Educational unit: Vocational Teacher Education College
ISSN: 1456-2332
ISBN: 951-830-003-8
Published: 1999
Pages: 117

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