Little Individuals - 4–5 years old

This group is made for 4 to 5 years old children, without parent’s participation. In music class lead in English, Little Individuals will recognize and express the basic musical concepts of high/low, fast/slow, long/short through singing songs, playing the variety of classroom instruments, and move with the music. The musical taste will be developed through specially chosen collection of music. The lessons are planned to teach kids through play and excitement, so Little Individuals will delightfully learn music concepts in a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment.

Ideal for English and Finnish speaking children who are interested to learn music through English.

Time: on Fridays, at 3:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. (klo 15.30–16.15)
Location: Gradia, Kukkula, Keskussairaalantie 21, classroom Ku_D109
Teacher: Music Pedagogue student Anna Dzharatova, coordinating teacher Leena Pantsu

Ask more:

Leena Pantsu
puh. 040 510 5062