European Automation Resource Network

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1.10.2011 - 30.9.2014
Lifelong learning - Erasmus
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Today the HE (Higher Educational) organizations have activities in education, R&D&I and services but the operations are segmented having only a few links between each other and therefore the full potential of the teachers, students and staff is not taken into use in all of these operations. The curricula have not allowed the students to select and earn credits by working in R&D&I and university services. There are no clear resourcing models to allow personnel to divide their time between teaching and R&D&I work. The present situation has decreased the student and teacher involvement in R&D&I activities although in all the partner universities participation has existed to some extent.

In some of R&D&I or service cases the universities could improve their competence to serve the enterprise and the EARN (European Automation Resource Network) project can be justified because in this way the partner universities are able to share their know-how, experts, laboratories, equipment, learning materials and information about offered services in the field of automation.

The results of the EARN project will be: 

 - Student's participation in R&D&I is increased and included in the curricula.
- University teachers and staff have clear resourcing models and are more motivated to work in R&D&I and service activities.
- Network environment for partner universities' learning and competence resource sharing is built.
- The network of European HEI partners is working providing comprehensive laboratory equipment, know-how and services as a unified resource center.
- Innovation process inside the HEI partner organizations is taken into use as part of the regional innovation chains.

The project will leverage the best practices among partners and later with other HEI universities in Europe. The EARN project will improve global competitiveness of European enterprises by the increased expertise of European engineers in automation technology.