Student and alumni stories

What's it like to study at Jamk? What type of backgrounds the students have who arrive from all around the world to study at Jamk? And where do they head after they graduate? We collected these stories conveniently on one page.

Bachelor's Degree

Student story

Company visit and internship led to a full-time job

"The best thing about my job is being able to help tourism businesses and tourist areas develop and cope with the ever-changing digital world. Welcome to a growing industry! An education in hospitality opens many doors in the field of tourism."

Student story

From the bottom to the top in Event Management

"My job as an event producer is very diverse; I can do so many things. I love to challenge myself every time and to keep on studying about the event management field. The best thing is, it’s never the same - you can’t predict anything."

Student story

International Business studies opened the world for Matti

"The international business studies in Jamk has been very practical and has offered real advantage in the working life. The concrete student projects with firms were valuable."

Student story

Lotta Watia: Feeling passionate about everyday work

"I absolutely love my work as a tour leader. Every day is different, and the customers give me so much energy. I get to spend days outdoors in different environments. At the same time, I get to share my passion and knowledge of Japan."

Student story

Poorani's internship in a Finnish family company gave her insights and experiences beyond her dreams

Poorani Elangovan Kuusela, Tourism Management student, wanted to experience the culture in Finnish tourism industry and completed her internship in a Finnish family business Adventure Apes.

Student story

Riku built his dream career through tourism studies

I applied to study tourism because I thought it was very exciting and it would offer me quite a lot of new experiences. Jamk kind of opened my eyes to services in tourism industry, not just something in specific.

Student story

Studying at Jamk has helped Camila grow as a professional and as a global citizen

"I wanted to study at Jamk, because I always had a dream of living in Europe and I knew that Jamk would open many doors and opportunities for me to have a more solid future here in Europe."

Student story

Yaro appreciates the international atmosphere in Jamk

"I work as Growth Manager at Brella. Responsibility, independence and creating relationships with the customers are best things in my work. "

Master's Degree

Student story

Cyber Security programme provided good tools to consider security aspects

Cyber Security continues to be more relevant in the development of IT environments and services in companies of all sizes not just in large ICT companies.

Student story

International Business Management studies gave Tiina new perspectives into her work and the markets she operates in

Tiina always wanted to work in the commercial sector, but her career taking her to a managing position came as a surprise. To make sure she succeeded in her new responsibilities, she decided to study international business management (MBA).

Student story

Jami recommends Sport Business studies

Jami Palsa has recently started his master-studies in Jamk Sport Business Management. He tells about his work at Elämys Group, a Travelling and Event Management Company and the reasons why to study at Jamk.

Student story

Jamk’s Sport Business Management programme tackled everything Kyle was looking for

"Jamk tackled everything I was looking for – business isn’t going out of style any time soon, so it’s always a sure way to improve your employability. And the sport aspect of it would help me get back into the hockey business if I wanted to."

Student story

Studying Cyber Security helped Tuukka's employer in developing a new service

In my opinion, the degree programme sheds light on the whole playing field of cyber security and gives the students a good perspective on different aspects of it.

Student story

Tatiana chose Sport Business studies in Jamk

Tatiana Flores made a brave decision to move from Uberlândia, Brazil to Jyväskylä, Finland in order to study Sport Business Management in JAMK. The efficient Finnish education system convinced her to apply and start her master-studies in Jyväskylä.

Professional Teacher Education

Student story

Knowledge, skills and competences for a learning facilitator

"The love for learning and desire to help others grow have brought me to the teacher education studies."


Alumni story

Minttu Mäkäläinen is Alumni of The Year 2022 at Jamk

Interview of Minttu Mäkäläinen, Alumni of The Year 2022 at Jamk University of Applied Sciences