student story

From the bottom to the top in Event Management

Jessica Toivonen, who's originally from Tampere, always wanted to have a fresh start in a new city. She joined the Tourism Management programme in JAMK, Jyväskylä, in fall 2014. And since then many things have changed for her.  

I wanted to start something fresh and new. When I first heard of the tourism programme, I thought that it might be the right field for me even though I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future. I just really wanted to study somewhere new, and to be around a lot of people, and to do something related to traveling”, Jessica shares about her first touch with JAMK's Tourism Management degree programme.  

A company visit during first year gave Jessica a clear goal for her career

During her first years of study, JAMK organized a company visit to Himos resort area, which is an active event arena. After that, Jessica set a clear mindset to become a professional in event management. She chose her exchange and internship opportunities very carefully with this career goal in mind. At the end of her studies, she completed her thesis project with her current employer, and has since then dedicated herself fully to event management.  

“My job as an event producer is very diverse; I can do so many things. I love to challenge myself every time and to keep on studying about this field. The best thing is, it’s never the same - you can’t predict anything. When everything works out, the results are the most rewarding thing”.  

A career in event production was like a dream come through

Two years after graduating she's living her dream life - working for Nelonen Media Live Ltd., an event and festival company.  

“I started from the bottom and worked to get where I am now. I did ticket selling and different kind of things at the restaurants and the bars. Now I do production, sponsorship, and other B2B-activities. I also have festival that I produce all by myself”, Jessica tells, still excited about how her career plans worked out. 

For her working at Nelonen Media Live Ltd. is working in her dream job. What excites her the most is the possibility to produce a 90's themed music festival by herself during the summer. 

Studying at JAMK gives you the tools to succeed, but you're in charge of using them

Jessica has a solid set of advice for the new students - focus on what you really want for your future. 

“Study very hard from the beginning, from the first year. I know how hard it is. Everything is new and many things that can take your focus away. You just really have to work hard to get where you want. Really focus on your internships and the place that you want to work in. The internships will allow you to show who you really are. When you graduate you will have to start from the bottom and build your way to the top. My student years at JAMK were the best times of my life. You have to work hard, but don't forget to enjoy the ride”, she reminds everybody.