student story

Studying is not just about completing courses but about one’s own learning

Jari Suni was working in an ICT start-up when he started his Master’s degree studies in the Full Stack Software Development degree programme. At the same time, changes took place at his workplace. Jari transferred to more technical tasks, a new team was built, and new needs arose in the company.

Jari Suni

At the beginning of the studies Jari’s plan was to complete the degree in two years alongside his work. Eventually, Jari managed to finish his studies in just over one year. The studies progressed well, because the topics to study coincided well with the work tasks, Jari was interested in the topics, and he started working on his thesis at an early stage of the studies.

In his thesis Jari employed a new method, the diary method to describe his work, thinking, problem solving and learning. Thus, the thesis progressed smoothly and was finished in few months. Jari’s background as journalist contributed to this as well by making writing easier. In his thesis, Jari developed common practices for documentation of software architecture.

Studying alongside work

According to Jari, completing courses was supported by a strong connection with his own tasks at work. He feels that most of the courses were useful, and he names the course Modern Software Development, which provided him with good hints for his work. The lecturers were helpful and flexible with course assignments so that they could be completed in connection with his work. 

Previously Jari had studied among others political science and social philosophy and had graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences. He encourages you to apply to the Full Stack Software Development degree programme even without a solid technological background; however, it is beneficial for studies if you know some JavaScript coding. The degree programme also offers new topics to learn for a software developer. Jari recommends the programme for those who want to develop themselves and work in all parts of software development tasks or need to develop new processes in their own work.

Jari Suni, Solution Architect, Gofore