student story

Studying Cyber Security helped Tuukka's employer in developing a new service

Tuukka Tiainen

"This Master's degree programme in Cyber Security gave me a great opportunity for self-improvement and networking with people in the industry. In my opinion, the degree programme sheds light on the whole playing field of cyber security and gives the students a good perspective on different aspects of it.

In addition of receiving a lot as an individual, my employer Centero got a lot from my Master’s thesis. The thesis had an significant role in an internationalization project of our company and in developing our Centero Software Manager -service. The role of the employer is important while studying and working, even thought the contacts of the school concentrate on the weekends.

It is great to declare, that this high-level education and a well-functioning degree programme can be found in Jyväskylä, Finland." – Tuukka Tiainen, Centero Ltd