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Can you explain me in simple steps, how to apply for Jamk?

1. Fill in the application form online at during application period (3 - 17 January 2024 by 3 p.m. Finnish time) You can apply up to six different degree programmes using the same application form.

2. Attach the required attachments to the application form. 

3. Participate to entrance examination/complete an online course

4. If you're admitted, accept the study place and enrol for attendance.

What documents are required when applying for bachelor’s degrees?

  • copies of the original degree certificate (senior secondary school/high school/higher education)
  • authorised translation of the certificate if needed (in English, Finnish or Swedish, the translation must have the translators' signature and stamp), copy is enough
  • copy of a valid biometric passport / biometric EU/EEA identification card
  • an English language proficiency certificate, if required (see details)
  • Non-EU/EAA citizens: If applicable, copy of a document which exempts you from paying the tuition fee, see list here

What documents are required when applying for master’s degrees?

  • copies of the original degree certificates (bachelor’s degree)
  • copies of work certificates (minimum 2 years from the relevant field after graduation)
  • authorised translations of the certificates, if needed*
  • possible pre-assignment (see details)
  • english language proficiency certificate, if needed**

*If the certificates are written in any other language than Finnish, Swedish or English, you have to submit authorised translations of the certificates in one of these languages. The translator must sign and stamp the translations. 

**English language proficiency certificate

It is necessary to submit a language proficiency certificate only if you apply for the following degree programmes:

  • International Business Management
  • Sport Business Management

If you have completed the bachelor´s level degree outside of Finland you must provide an English language proficiency certificate. Applicants who do not have to provide the English language proficiency certificate:

  • Applicants who have completed higher education degree in English in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, or the United States
  • Applicants who have completed 55 ECTS credits master level management studies (see details)

Can I apply with SAT scores?

Unfortunately no. Jamk UAS does not use SAT test scores as a student selection method.

Do I need to translate my documents? What is the meaning of “authorised translation”? Can I translate the documents myself and ask my school to seal on it?

Accepted languages for the documents are English, Finnish or Swedish. Authorised translation means that the translator should be authorised, in other words, a person who works as a translator must translate the certificates.

The translation must have the translators' signature and a stamp. We cannot accept such translations which do not fulfil these requirements.

Should my documents be attested (apostille) for admission or are copies enough?

The xerox copies / copies / photocopies / photos are enough in the application phase. If you get an admission for Jamk, be prepared to present your original degree certificate (f. e. high school diploma) on the beginning of studies.

Do I need to provide IELTS or other language proficiency certificate when applying for Bachelor's or Master's degrees at Jamk?

Bachelor's Degrees

To be selected by the International UAS Exam, you must submit an English language proficiency certificate or a certificate of your previous studies by 24 January 2024, 3.00 pm Finnish time. Please read more here.

For Business Information Technology and Information and Communication Technology it is NOT necessary to provide a language proficiency certificate. The English language skills will be tested at the online course. 

Master's Degrees (concerns only MBA, International Business Management and MBA, Sport Business Management)

If you have completed the bachelor's level degree outside of Finland you must provide an English language proficiency certificate by 24 January 2024, 3.00 p.m. Finnish time (see exceptions below) to be eligible.

Applicants who do not have to provide the English language proficiency certificate:

  • Applicants who have completed higher education degree in English in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, or the United States
  • Applicants who have completed 55 ECTS credits master level management studies (see details)

I cannot submit my application, what can I do?

Make sure that you have filled in every required field on the application and have given all relevant permissions. In the section called “permissions” you need to give your consent for electronic communication, give other relevant permissions and select your contact language. You need to fill in this information in order to submit the application.

You can make sure that your application is completed in the top right corner of the application – if you see a notification of “check xx answers”, something is missing. Click that notification and you will see a list of missing items.

Admission results

In the spring joint application for study programmes offered in English, the results can be published at different times, but no later than by 31th of May 2024

If you're admitted to a degree programme, the UAS in question will sent you an acceptance letter. You can receive up to six acceptance letters from your application options. You will also receive an email with a link to the admission results letter from Studyinfo when all the results have been published. The letter includes the admission results of all the study programmes you have applied for in joint application. In the results letter you will also find your points for each study programme and the lowest score for an admission.

As you do not need to set your study options in order of preference in the spring joint application for study programmes offered in English, you can be accepted to several study programmes in the same application.

The admission results can be:

  • Student admission process unfinished
  • Accepted
  • Accepted (a condition set by the higher education institution)
  • On a waiting list (your number on the waiting list)
  • Cancelled or
  • You have not received a study place

If your result is “Accepted (a condition set by the higher education institution)”

  • There is a condition for you to be admitted (for example: your degree was not yet complete, or you were unable to state your final grades during the application period)
  • The higher education institution will cancel the admission if you do not meet the condition.
  • You can confirm the offered study place, but you cannot enrol in the higher education institution before the condition is met.

How do I accept an offer of admission?

If you have been admitted to a study programme, you will receive a notification of this to your email. You must confirm the study place by the given deadline, or you will lose your place. Up to six different study places can be offered for you in the first application period of spring, but you can confirm only one study place per academic term.

Confirming a study place is a binding choice, and you cannot cancel or change your choice later. When you confirm a study place bindingly, all your other study programmes will automatically be cancelled.

You can confirm an offered study place with the link in the email that you have received. If you have a Finnish social security number and Finnish online banking credentials (with e-identification enabled), mobile certificate or an electronic ID-card, you can confirm the offered study place in the My Studyinfo -service.

When you confirm your study place electronically, you will receive an automatic email notifying you that the study place has been confirmed successfully.

If you are offered a study place you can:

a) confirm the study place and register as a student at the higher education institution

b) choose not to confirm the offered study place. If you have been placed on a waiting list for other application options, you may still be admitted to those if places become available.

If you do not wish to accept an offer of admission, please inform the higher education institution of this as soon as possible so that your place can be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

I'm placed on a waiting list. What does that mean?

If you are on the waiting list, you will be offered a study place if the applicants before you in the queue do not confirm the study place. The results and your waiting list number(s) can be found from a result letter which is sent to your e-mail.

You can be admitted to study programmes from the waiting list during the spring (until 6 August 2024 by 3 p.m.). Please note that all study programmes do not admit applicants from waiting lists, for example if all admitted applicants choose to accept the offer of admission.

If you inquire your waiting list status from the admission services of UAS's, please include the following information to your request:

  • Your full name
  • The degree programme(s) you have applied for
  • Your application number (the application number can be found from the confirmation e-mail you’ve received after sending your application successfully)

Note that you cannot accept a study place and remain on a waiting list for other study programmes in the spring joint application for study programmes offered in English.

Do I need to know any Finnish language to study at Jamk?

When applying for Jamk's bachelor’s degrees conducted in English, you do not need to know any Finnish language. We encourage you study Finnish language at Jamk, but  applicants are not expected to have any Finnish language skills (not even for degree programme in Nursing).

Note that Finnish language skills can be a great asset when applying for a job in Finland after graduation! Thus, it is very beneficial for you to study Finnish with your classmates and participate as many Finnish courses as possible at Jamk, especially, if you are planning to stay in Finland after graduation.

Do you have dormitories or accommodation available for students at Jamk’s campuses?

Unfortunately we do not have dormitories nor accommodation possibilities available at our campuses. Here are some options for accommodation in Jyväskylä for students:

Is it possible to study online?

At Jamk, there are studies that can be completed partly online. However, all our degree programmes conducted in English require active involvement and participation for the lectures here in Jyväskylä, Finland. Thus, they cannot be completed completely online.

What is the total cost of education for international students?

All students have to buy books and other educational material themselves, as well as take care of their own living costs. Jamk cannot offer job opportunities for students. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply for financial support in their home country. Average monthly living costs for students are estimated to be about 700 euros (accommodation, food, public transport, study materials, clothing, and leisure activities).

If you're a non-EU/EEA-citizen, please note that you're required to pay the tuition fee in addition. Tuition fee for NON-EU/EEA citizens is 9 000 €/year for Bachelor’s degree programmes. In Master’s degrees the tuition fee for NON-EU/EEA citizens is 10 000€/year.

Can I have a fully funded scholarship?

Jamk does not offer fully funded scholarships for students. The scholarship is meant to cover 40% of the tuition fee of an academic year, thus the scholarship cannot be applied for covering for example the living costs or other studying costs (for example, study excursions, computers etc.) 

Residence permit

If you live outside EU or EEA, you need to apply for a residence permit before leaving for Finland. It is recommended to do so without a delay at the nearest Finnish consulate or embassy after getting the notice of acceptance letter and having paid the tuition fee.

The precondition for obtaining a residence permit is that you have a valid health insurance coverage with a reliable and solvent company or institution.

Please note that Jamk does not offer guidance regarding visas or residence permits. In all matters regarding residence permits or visas, please consult Finnish Immigration service.

University of Applied Sciences or University?

Both higher education sectors have their own profiles. The mission of universities is to conduct scientific research and provide instruction and postgraduate education based on it. University of applied sciences (UAS) education is professionally oriented higher education. University of applied sciences train professionals in response to labour market needs and conduct R&D (research and development) which supports instruction and promotes regional development.

Studying at UAS is the best choice for you, if you prefer to learn by doing. Studies at UAS include practical training and project cases for companies. You will also solve real working life challenges in your thesis. 

Can an underaged student apply for bachelor’s degrees?

Yes, you can apply. Notice that it is not simple to live alone in Finland if you are an underaged student. You might experience difficulties in making contracts and renting an apartment or finding a place for a practical training.

Can I study PhD studies at Jamk?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. You can study PhD studies only in universities, not in universities of applied sciences.

I don't quite have the required two years of work experience from the relevant field. Am I not eligible to apply for a Master's degree?

Unfortunately, you are not eligibile. The work experience requirement is based on Universities of Applied Sciences Act, thus, we are unable to make an exception in this matter. However, if it's possible for you to attend to Open UAS studies, you can begin your Master level studies as an Open UAS student and also apply as a degree student via Open Study Path after you've gained the required work experience.

Can I count in work experience gained while studying for Bachelor's degree? How about work experience gained before entering for Bachelor's degree?

Unfortunately no. The work experience from the relevant field must be gained after completing the bachelor's degree. The work experience can be counted in starting from the day of awarding of the Bachelor's degree.

Jamk accepts work experience also after a vocational college diploma or a higher vocational diploma* (in Finnish: opistoasteen tutkinto, ammatillisen korkea-asteen tutkinto) before completing a bachelor's degree. If an applicant has completed one of these diplomas before graduating from the bachelor's degree, the work experience is accepted also after the prior degree. Even in this case the minimum requirement of work experience from the field is two years (24 months).

*Vocational college diplomas or higher vocational diplomas were awarded mainly in Finland in the 1990s.

I have not gained the required work experience of two years during application period, but my employment continues. Can I count in work experience gained after the application period?

Yes you can. An applicant can count in work experience in joint application of spring until 31 July. In this case, you need to attach a temporary work certificate (and possible earlier work certificates) to your application form. In case of an admission, you need to attach an updated work certificate that states that the work experience requirement has been fulfilled. 

My employment is permanent, how do I verify that I have gained the required work experience for eligibility?

In case your current employment accumulates the required work experienve, you need attach a temporary work certificate to your application form. 

The temporary work certificates must include the following information:

  • working title (and preferably also a job description)
  • working period (starting date and up-to-date information about the employment being active)
  • a signature of the employer (and if possible, a stamp)

Can I use an employment contract / letter of recommendation / resume to verify the required work experience?

Unfortunately no. 

Work certificates must include the following information:

  • working title and a job description
  • length of employment (date of beginning and termination of employment or information whether the employment is still active)
  • date of issue
  • a signature of the employer (and if possible, a stamp)

Please notice that

  • Employment contracts are not valid as work certificates as they state only the beginning date of the employment, not the possible leaving date / information if the employment is still active
  • Employment offer letters are not valid as work certificates
  • Letters of recommendations are not valid as work certificates in case they do not include all the information mentioned above
  • Work experience stated on a resume/CV is not sufficient without work certificates.

My work experience / Bachelor's degree is from another field than the targeted Master's degree. Am I eligible?

You can apply, but your educational background and work experience are considered case-by-case. You will be informed by email if you are not considered eligible.


What's life like in Jyväskylä?

Did you know that the city of Jyväskylä is one of the most popular student cities in Finland? Almost every third resident in Jyväskylä is a student! Students have always formed an important and cherished part of Jyväskylä's demographic, thanks to its long history as a city of education.

In addition, Jyväskylä offers a wide range of activities for all interests. Thousands of lakes, magnificent national parks along with unique architecture and culture – the Jyväskylä Region provides you with opportunities to enjoy unforgettable experiences!


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