How to apply for Master's Degrees

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Work experience

The minimum requirement regarding work experience is at least two years (24 months) of relevant work experience gained after the bachelor's degree.

Jamk accepts work experience also after a vocational college diploma or a higher vocational diploma (in Finnish: opistoasteen tutkinto, ammatillisen korkea-asteen tutkinto) before completing a bachelor's degree. If an applicant has completed one of these diplomas before graduating from the bachelor's degree, the work experience is accepted also after the prior degree. Even in this case the minimum requirement of work experience from the field is 2 years (24 months).

The work experience must be from the field of the degree (used for applying) or from field that the applicant is currently applying. An applicant can count in work experience in joint application of spring 2023 until 31 July 2023.

  • Part-time work can be transferred into whole months, in a way that, 150 hours or 20 full workdays (at least 7 hours per day) corresponds to one month.
  • If an applicant has worked as an entrepreneur it is necessary to provide for the Admissions Services a document to prove it. For example, a Finnish entrepreneur need to have a document that proves one has YEL- or MYEL-insurance.
  • Service in an army, non-military service or nursing leave is not considered as work experience.
  • Practical training or on-the-job learning is not counted as work experience if it has been a part of the degree used for applying.
  • Maternity leave is considered as work experince in case the employment is active during the leave

Work certificates

The work experience must be demonstrated with work certificates. Note that the work certificates must include the following information:

  • working title (and preferably also a job description)
  • working period (starting date and leaving date (or information whether the employment is still active)
  • date of issue
  • a signature of the employer (and if possible, a stamp)

Please note that:

  • Letters of recommendations are not valid as work certificates in case they do not include all the information mentioned above.
  • Employment contracts are not valid as work certificates as they state only the beginning date of the employment, not the possible leaving date / information if the emplyment is still active.
  • Work experience stated on a resume/CV is not sufficient without work certificates.
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Get a Master's Degree | Jamk Master School

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Frequently asked questions

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