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How to Apply for Exchange at Jamk?

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Who can apply for an exchange or double degree period at Jamk?

Studies for exchange students

Jamk offers a variety of different study fields for exchange students to choose from. All the courses offered for exchange students are taught in English! The courses are part of our curricula for degree students. Thus, there is usually a good mix of degree students and exchange students from all over the world in each class.

The exchange/double degree study programmes and courses are listed by Schools below.

Please keep in mind that the courses for the next academic year are published by early May at the latest. There may be some updates to the spring semester courses during mid-September.

Application Process

The following instructions are for exchange and double degree students within regular exchange programmes.

For details regarding Special Study Programmes in Business (fees apply), contact the study programme coordinator.

I will never forget this experience, there was a lot of organizing to do, but it was worth it! Thank you Jamk!
Important Practicalities

Important Practicalities

What to do after you have been accepted for exchange at Jamk? Read about the important, official stuff, such as insurance, permits, housing and practicalities about arriving at Jamk and in Finland.
Exchange Student Life at Jamk

Exchange Student Life at Jamk

What is it like to study as an exchange student at Jamk? Get to know some of the basic principles of how we operate at Jamk with regard to exchanges.