Exchange student

Important Practicalities

Students sit on music campus terrace. Building´s windows reflects trees and sky.

Insurance coverage

Remember to take care of your insurance coverage for the whole period of stay before arriving in Finland. Please keep in mind that the insurance should also cover free time. The accident insurances of Jamk cover only degree students. You can turn to your own insurance company for more information and enquiries about your insurance options.

Visa, residence permit and right of residence

Depending on where you are coming from to Finland, check what kind of permits you may need for entering the country and what you should do after arriving in the country.

Accommodation for exchange students

There are many options for housing in Jyväskylä. For exchange students who study at Jamk a full semester or two, the most economical option is KOAS student housing.

Housing options for much shorter periods than a full semester and more central locations are listed under the heading "Other agencies and short-term accommodation".

Cost of living in Finland

Living costs in Finland are close to Western European average. Students must make sure that their income covers the basic living costs for the entire time spent studying in Finland.

Students must be prepared to pay for accommodation, food, travel, study materials, insurances, health care, leisure activities and other costs of living.

Average monthly living costs for students are estimated to be between 750 and 1200 euros, depending on the student's individual needs and habits.

How to Apply for Exchange at Jamk?

How to Apply for Exchange at Jamk?

Interested in applying for exchange at Jamk? Head on to reading more about how and when to apply!
Exchange Student Life at Jamk

Exchange Student Life at Jamk

What is it like to study as an exchange student at Jamk? Get to know some of the basic principles of how we operate at Jamk with regard to exchanges.