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Electronic Services

Electronic services for all students and clients of educational services. Forms and instructions for electronic services.

Study certificate and transcript of records from Peppi

You can order an electronically signed study certificate and transcript of records. The Atomi service can be found in Peppi on the front page of the student's desktop.

If you don't have access to Peppi, you may request these documents by using the contact form.

Electronic applications and forms

Study entitlement

Recognition and assessment of learning

Use the forms below to apply for recognition (replacement and inclusion) or recognition of otherwise acquired skills.

Electronic Forms

Forms and applications at Elmo intranet (login required)

Forms for students in the School of Professional Teacher Education

Assessment review

A student who is not satisfied with the assessment of his/her performance should first discuss the issue with the teacher or Thesis Work Group in question. If the answer provided by the teacher is not satisfactory, the student may submit a written request for assessment review to the teacher responsible or Thesis Work Group for the assessment within 14 days of the registration of the grade in the Peppi system. If the student is not satisfied with the response to the appeal against assessment they received from the teacher or Thesis Work Group afterwards, they may appeal against the decision from the Jamk's Board of Examiners.


Submit a service request

You may submit your service request. You may also give feedback of this page. 

  1. Click "New ticket"
  2. Select the field of the category "Study Services - Opintopalvelut" or some other Service

If for some reason, you are unable to login, you may send a message via contact form to Student ServicesInternational Services, Language Centre or Professional Teacher Education Student Services.

Book online guidance time

Reception times can also be booked and held online.

Exam - flexible exams at Jamk

Exam allows a student to take exams when it best suits them, using a computer in a video-monitored room. Jamk has three Examstudios: two in Rajakatu and one in Lutakko. Using the Exam visit, you can take your own university’s exam in another university’s exam room. 

National services

  • - information for planning and studying at different stages of life, credit and degree information database

Verification of electronic documents

Atomi Validator can be used to verify documents electronically signed by Atomi. Atomi electronically signs documents using the certificate of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of Finland.

PassTrace can be used to verify the degree certificates of Jamk University of Applied Sciences. The digital authentication allows the information to be verified by anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

Student Services Request for Certified Copies

Here you can order, for example, a degree certificate, a copy of an archived thesis or course descriptions from the student services for a fee.