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Discontinuation or Interruption of Studies / Applying for a Certificate

Applying for a Certificate

Graduating students will apply for a certificate electronically.

The electronic certificate application is available via the electronic service widget.

When the student has filled out the form, it will be first assigned to the Study Affairs Coordinator, who will check the required information in the transcript of records. The Study Affairs Coordinator will then forward the application electronically to the programme’s Head of Department, who approves the student’s certificate application. The approved application will return to the Study Affairs Coordinator, who will then prepare the certificate. 

During the process, the student will be reminded of matters such as responding to the final student feedback survey, their obligations towards the library and of returning keys and any borrowed material.

Certificate applications are processed every second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Monday of each month. The application must be delivered to the Student Services one week prior at the latest. If your assessment date falls on a weekday holiday, the processing will be moved to the next ordinary weekday. In July the student services office is closed and the applications can not be processed. 

Upon completion and acceptance of all required work, the School of Professional Teacher Education accredits the student the certificate. The date of processing the application will be considered the students' graduation date. The certificate will be sent electronically to students approximately in 3 weeks after graduation.

Graduating students will receive their official certificate in electronic format. Electronic certificate is a pdf file that has been signed by rector using a Digital and population data services agency certificate. After graduation student will receive a link to download the electronic certificate for 30 days by email. Please check that you have correct and working personal email address in Peppi. Remember to download and save your electronic certificate before the link expires.


Spring 2024 application processing dates  Autumn 2024 application processing dates 
8.1. 12.8.
22.1. 26.8.
12.2. 19.9.
26.2. 23.9.
11.3. 14.10.
25.3. 28.10.
8.4. 11.11.
22.4. 25.11.
13.5. 16.12.


Interruptions in Studies

If the student wishes to enroll for non-attendance, he is to apply for it. The permission is granted by the Director of the School of Professional Teacher Education and for special reasons only (due to long-term illness, maternity/paternity leave or military service). Application form for non-attendance can be found in Instructions and forms.

If granted, the Study Affairs Coordinator enters the enrollment for non-attendance in Peppi student management system. An enrollment for attendance can be changed into an enrollment for non-attendance or vice-versa during an enrollment period only. Due to the nature of the studies, enrolling for non-attendance holds no significant relevance on the practical level - a period of non-attendance is included in the maximum period of studies. However, it is important to agree on the practical implications of a possible non-attendance with one’s own educator. 

In case the student decides to definitely give up his study entitlement during a period of non-attendance, he is to submit a notification in writing to the Office or electronically

Discontinuation of Studies

In case the student decides to definitely give up his study entitlement, he is to submit a separate electronic form

By returning the form the student will withdraw from his studies at Jamk University of Applied Sciences. The student must check that all grades are registered in Peppi. After withdrawing the student can´t get grades anymore.