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Accessibility and Individual Special Arrangements

Everyone is entitled to equal studies and an equal learning environment. You can progress in your studies according to plan even if you have dyslexia, an illness or a disability, issues with mental health, a different language or cultural background or other difficulties concerning studies.

You will receive support and guidance in your studies, and you can apply for individual special arrangements to support you in your studies. Do as follows:

Individual Special Arrangement for EduFutura students

If your EduFutura institution (Gradia or the University of Jyväskylä) has identified a need for special support that requires individual special arrangements during your studies, you only need to show the document (statement, decision or recommendation) from your own institution to the teacher of the course you are attending. This document will help you get the arrangements you need for individualised support.

Support Services and Facilities

Further information

Contact your unit's study counsellor for more information. You can find their contact information on the Study Guidance and Guidance Staff page.

Library contact person in matters concerning barrier-free access

Sirpa Warteva

Kirjastonhoitaja, Librarian
Kirjasto, Library
Korkeakoulupalvelut, University Services

Contact person in Facility Services

Ulla Mäntylä

Palvelupäällikkö, Facility Services Manager
Toimitilapalvelut, Facility Services
Korkeakoulupalvelut, University Services

The Board Member Responsible for Social Policy, Student Union JAMKO

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