Main Campus

3 students walk in summer clothes in the main campus yard

Main campus is the centre of our operation.

In main campus there´s Jamk administration and different services. There´s also school of business and main of school of technology on main campus.

Main campus rooms

The premises of the university of applied sciences are barrier-free regarding mobility, excluding one classroom in the Main Campus (F413) because entrance is only via stairs. Main campus consists of multiple wings and floors. Entrance to floors is via stairs or lift.

You can download a map (pdf) about main campus rooms in every wing and floor.

In classroom booking Main campus rooms begins with R35

Wing Floor Rooms Doors
A wing      
  Basement AK04 - AK13  
  Ground flr GamePit, AP03 - AP10 A1 door
  The 1st flr Digi centre  
  The 2nd flr A206 - A210  
B wing      
  Ground flr BP05 - BP16 ExamStudio A1 door
  The 1st flr Janitor, Student and International Services, B104 - B117 D1 door
  The 2nd flr B203 - B230  
  The 3rd flr B303 - B330  
C wing      
  The 1st flr C108 - C129c C1 door
  The 2nd flr C204 - C227  
D wing      
  Basement DK29 JAMKO´s gym  
  Ground flr DP38 - DP75  
  The 1st flr Info, HelpDesk, restaurant, D110 - D149 D1 door
  The 2nd flr D205 Tulikari auditorium, D207 gym, D208 - D220  
  The 3rd flr D303 - D306  
E wing      
  Basement Toilet  
  Ground flr EP02 - EP03 F1 door
  The 1st flr E102 - E105  
  The 2nd flr E205 - E215  
F wing      
  Basement FK14 - FK29  
  Ground flr FP05 Valjakka auditorium, library, JAMKO F1 door
  The 1st flr F103 - F133  
  The 2nd flr F205 - F211  
  The 3rd flr F304 - F311  
  The 4th flr F405 - F413  
G wing      
  Ground flr GP06 ExamStudio - GP15 G1 door
  The 1st flr G104 - G111  
  The 2nd flr G201 - G208  
  The 3rd flr G301 - G318