Main Campus

3 students walk in summer clothes in the main campus yard

Main campus is the centre of our operation.

In Main Campus there´s Jamk administration and different services. There´s also School of Business and main of School of Technology on Main Campus. Professional Teacher Education is also in Main Campus from August 2023.

Main campus contact information

Main campus: Rajakatu

Jamk University of Applied Sciences
Rajakatu 35
40200 Jyväskylä

Information desk +358 40 775 9058
Switchboard +358 20 743 8100*
Fax +358 14 449 9694

*Price for call from landline 8,28 cnt/min + 7 cnt/min (vat 24 %), mobilephone 8,28 cnt/min + 17 cnt/min (vat 24 %)

Email: firstname.surname(at)

Main campus: Puistokatu

Jamk University of Applied Sciences
Puistokatu 35
40200 Jyväskylä

Main campus opening hours

Opening hours 5.6.-22.6. 7.30-15.00 (mon-fri). 

Saturday 3.6. is closed. 

23.6.-30.7. school is closed. 

31.7. 7.30-15.00. 


Main campus infodesk, Rajakatu 35 (during academic year)

On weekdays Mon–Fri 7.30am–4.00pm
Tel +358 40 775 9058, info.rajakatu(at)

D1 main door

Mon–Fri 7.30am–8.00pm
Sat 7.30am–2.00pm

C1 door

Mon - Fri 7.30am–6.00pm
Sat suljettu

F1 door

Mon - Fri 7.30am–6.00pm
Sat 7.30am-2.00pm

G1 door

Mon–Fri 7.30am–6.00am
Sat closed

IT classrooms

Mon–Fri 7.30am–8.00pm


Mon–Fri 7.30am–8.00pm and Sat 8.00am–4.00pm, Sun closed

Parking on main campus

Download main campus parking map (pdf)

The City of Jyväskylä controls the parking in the area.


For visitors there´s parking lots near main entrances. Visitors have special permits which are available at information desk near main door at D1.

For D1 door entrance is via Eeronkatu and for F1 door via Aatoksenkatu. There´s also 30min limit parking place for those who enter library near G door via Aatoksenkatu.

Students are not allowed for visitors´ parking permits.

Invalid parking

Parking for invalids is located in front of the C1 entrance, and on the Aatoksenkatu side in front of the G1 entrance.

Student parking

Student parking needs parking permit, more information in Elmo (requires logging in). Student parking places are located at the end of E-building, on the Eeronkatu side of the yard, and Aatoksenkatu side, and in the field in Hongikontie.


There´s bicycle stands are near C1, D1 and A1 doors in the Eeronkatu side of building and near F1 and G1 doors on Aatoksenkatu side.

Motorcycles can be parked next to bicycles.

Main campus services

These services are in Main campus. Please check opening hours for services separately.

Admission Services

Room B108, B wing. Entrance D1 door.

Café Curve

Entrance D1 door


Room D118, D wing. Entrance D1 door

International Services

Room B105, B wing. Entrance D1 door


Main door from F1 door in F wing. Another entrance near G1 door.

Restaurant Twist

Entrance D1 door. Access also from F wing

Student Services

Room B106, B wing. Entrance D1 door

Main campus rooms

The premises of the university of applied sciences are barrier-free regarding mobility, excluding one classroom in the Main Campus (F413) because entrance is only via stairs. Main campus consists of multiple wings and floors. Entrance to floors is via stairs or lift.

You can download a map (pdf) about main campus rooms in every wing and floor.

In classroom booking Main campus rooms begins with R35

Wing Floor Rooms Doors
A wing      
  Basement AK04 - AK13  
  Ground flr GamePit, AP03 - AP10 A1 door
  The 1st flr Digi centre  
  The 2nd flr A206 - A210  
B wing      
  Ground flr BP05 - BP16 ExamStudio A1 door
  The 1st flr Janitor, Student and International Services, B104 - B117 D1 door
  The 2nd flr B203 - B230  
  The 3rd flr B303 - B330  
C wing      
  The 1st flr C108 - C129c C1 door
  The 2nd flr C204 - C227  
D wing      
  Basement DK29 JAMKO´s gym  
  Ground flr DP38 - DP75  
  The 1st flr Info, HelpDesk, restaurant, D110 - D149 D1 door
  The 2nd flr D205 Tulikari auditorium, D207 gym, D208 - D220  
  The 3rd flr D303 - D306  
E wing      
  Basement Toilet  
  Ground flr EP02 - EP03 F1 door
  The 1st flr E102 - E105  
  The 2nd flr E205 - E215  
F wing      
  Basement FK14 - FK29  
  Ground flr FP05 Valjakka auditorium, library, JAMKO F1 door
  The 1st flr F103 - F133  
  The 2nd flr F205 - F211  
  The 3rd flr F304 - F311  
  The 4th flr F405 - F413  
G wing      
  Ground flr GP06 ExamStudio - GP15 G1 door
  The 1st flr G104 - G111  
  The 2nd flr G201 - G208  
  The 3rd flr G301 - G318