TVET in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the second most populous nation in Africa and the fastest growing economy in the region. However, with GDP per capita income of $783 (2017; in World Bank’s database 2019), it is also one of the poorest. TVET sector supports job-specific skills that are relevant in all parts of Ethiopia, in which vast majority of inhabitants (70 – 80%) live in rural areas.

TVET is one of the six priority programs of the Education Sector Development Program V (ESDP, 2015), which emphasizes also ICT infrastructure and content development as main aspects of the education quality improvement plan. In the Framework Document of Technical Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development Programme (TSDP, November, 2018), the vision is to transform Ethiopia into a middle-income country within a period of three to four decades and provide lifelong learning opportunities so that all Ethiopians can contribute and benefit from rapid growth and economic change.

The policy environment in Ethiopia is favorable for developing post-secondary TVET (Technical and Vocational Teacher Education and Training ) toward digital learning environments and improve the accessibility for learning. According to the Ethiopian Education Development Roadmap (EEDR, 2018) equity seems to be well addressed in TVET gender participation. The female participation, on average, is about 51 %, but female students are enrolled in vocational programs traditionally considered for women. Equity in access between rural and urban population and among different ethnic groups has been improved. In term of access to quality and relevant TVET, there is however disparity. Access to quality TVET institutions and relevant TVET programs need continuing development especially in rural areas and emerging regions. The Mopede program strengthen the possibility the equal job opportunities for trainees with comparable academic talent trained in well-furnished TVET institutions with facilities and human resources.

With MOPEDE project the TVET-sector can fully contribute to the aims emphasized in Ethiopian Education Development Roadmap (EEDR 2018), framework document of Technical Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development (TSDP 2018), and in the Growth and Transformation Plan of Ethiopia (GTP II, 2016).

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