GeNEdu News - Kickoff Seminar and the 1st Benchmark Workshop

GeNEdu project team
GeNEdu teaching situation

GeNEdu project's Kick Off Seminar and the first Benchmark Workshop was organised in 8-16 January 2020 in JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland.

The events gathered togethe 38 participants in total - 6 from JAMK, 3 from HANZE, 4 from THCC, 7 from Beihua, 8 from GDMU & 10 from GHSC.

The programme consisted of:

  • Seminar 8-10 Jan. 2020: guidelines for use of the funding, reporting, key assignments and Partnership Agreement; group works on themes in project management and academic advisory
  • Benchmark workshop 13-16 Jan. 2020: Finnish practices of elderly care service, gerontech themed robotics & assistive technology used in elderly care, as well as shadowing of related teaching sessions of JAMK; stakeholder analysis of gerontological nursing education & trends and needs analysis of elderly care in China.

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