Borrow, Renew, Reserve

Library card

Jamk Library is open to all. Your library card is personal and free of charge. By giving your personal information to the Library’s customer register you agree to follow Jamk Library’s rules.

Jamk students

  • Usually, you have to activate your library card in person in the Library. You need to bring an ID with a photograph with you.
  • With the Tuudo app you can activate your mobile library card immediately, without visiting the Library. Read more.
  • Your information is transferred and updated automatically from the Peppi system to the Library customer register.
  • Remember to add your library card to the Janet Finna to renew your loans and reserve material.

Other customers

  • You always have to activate your library card in person in the Library. You need to bring an ID with a photograph with you.
  • Please inform the Library directly about changes in contact information or if you lose your library card.
  • Remember to add your library card to the Janet Finna to renew your loans and reserve material.


Please borrow your books by using the self-service machines. The loan limit is 20 items for other than JAMK, JYU, Gradia and POKE students and staff.

An advance notice will be sent to your e-mail address reminding you of the approaching due dates of your loans. If you use Tuudo, you can also see the advance notices there. Remember to keep track of the due dates yourself because you will have to pay the overdue fines even if you do not receive the notice.

We send out overdue notices for overdue loans by e-mail. We collect fines on items that are returned or renewed after their due date.




You can renew your loans in Janet Finna, in Tuudo or in the Library by using our self-service machines.

Course books, magazines and journals can be renewed for six months from the borrowing date, other materials for one year.

You cannot renew reference books, neither reserved item.



You can make reservation in Janet Finna for the books that are out on loan or on the shelves. You can choose to pick up your reservation in any of the campus libraries. Making reservations is free of charge.

In Tuudo you can view or cancel your reservations, and it also notifies you when your reservations can be picked up.

Notice of arrival
You will get a notice via e-mail when your reservation has arrived for you to pick up. Pick up reserved course books within three days and other reservations within one week after you have received the arrival notice. If you do not pick up a reserved item in time, your reservation will expire.

Picking up your reservation
Reservations are picked up from a self-service shelf where the customer’s name can be seen connected to the reserved material. If you do not want your reservation in the self-service shelf, please contact the Library’s customer service. You can pick up your reservation also from the customer service desk, but only during the Library’s customer service hours. More information in the Library's customer registers. Please borrow your reservations by using the self-service machines.




You can return your loans to any JAMK Library unit, excluding the reference books of Music Campus Library, which must be returned there also.

When the Library is closed, you can return your loans to a book drop box at the Main Library. The Main Library drop box is located next to door F.


Loan periods

You can see the loan periods in Janet Finna.

Books 28 days
Course books 14 days
Magazines and journals 14 days
Theses 28 days
Movies, educational videos, CD- & DVD-ROMs, audiovisual material 28 days
CD-recordings 28 days
Sheet music 60 days
Scores 28 days

Overdue fines

We send out overdue notices for overdue loans by e-mail. We collect fines on items that are returned or renewed after their due date.

Daily fee 0,20 € / weekday / item (max 10 € / item)
Course books, magazines and journals 1 € / weekday / item (max 10 € / item)
Reference books 2 € / weekday / item (max 10 € / item)

You will be blocked from borrowing when you have in fines 10 € at the minimum. The payment ceiling for overdue fines is 50 €. If you have in fines 10 € or more, the fines have to be paid in a single payment. You can remove the borrowing block by returning all overdue loans to the library and by paying all overdue fines.

The Library will send an invoice for unreturned loans approximately one month after the beginning of the borrowing block. If necessary, please contact us by email kirjasto(a)

Replacement fees

The customer is responsible for compensating for a lost or damaged item. The item is compensated either by bringing an equivalent item to the Library or by paying a replacement fee. DVDs cannot be replaced with equivalent copies. The replacement fee is case-specific and determined according to the purchase price of the lost item.

The replacement fee will not be returned to you even if you later find the item you have lost.

Other fees

  • Item repair fee 5 €
  • A new library card to replace a lost one 3 €
  • Address inquiry when an invoice is sent back to us undelivered from the post office with the message “Unknown” 2 €

Administrative handling fees for invoicing

  • 20 €, when invoicing 1-3 books
  • 40 €, when invoicing 4-10 books
  • 50 €, when invoicing over 10 books


  • A4 black-and-white    0,10 €
  • A4 in colour                   0,50 €
  • A3 black-and-white    0,20 €
  • A3 in colour                   1 €

Information retrievals

Domestic databases
JAMK's staff 10 € / hour
Other customers 20 € / hour

Foreign databases
JAMK's staff 30 € / hour
Other customers 50 € / hour

Open database instruction is free of charge.


Interlibrary services

We only order material for interlibrary loan for JAMK students.
We only send material on interlibrary loan to other libraries.

Interlibrary service for JAMK students

Do you need material from our collections, but you live on the other side of the country? Contact your local library. They will make an interlibrary loan request to us and we will send the material to them.

Your local library will borrow the material for you and you will return it to them by the due date. Your local library can also renew the material if needed, if there are no holds on the material. You will return the material to your local library by the due date and they will send it back to us.

Remember to mention that you are a JAMK student. Interlibrary loans for JAMK students are 5 euros per item.

You can also request an interlibrary loan via JAMK’s interlibrary service if you cannot find a book or other publication you want from JAMK Library or other libraries in the area, such as Jyväskylä University Library or Keski Libraries.

There is usually a fee on interlibrary loans from other libraries. The library that sends the interlibrary loan will determine the fee, the loan periods and other terms. As a customer you will commit to these terms and expenses caused by neglect.

You will get an e-mail notice when your interlibrary loan can be picked up from the library.


Contact information

JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Main Library
Interlibrary Service


Interlibrary service for other libraries

JAMK Library’s interlibrary service sends material from its collections for loan to other libraries and information services. You can make a request either via the interlibrary loan request form or by sending an e-mail to kirjasto.kaukopalvelu(a)

Reference library material, videos, films and journals cannot be borrowed via interlibrary service. Textbooks/course books can be borrowed via interlibrary service only for JAMK students. Libraries can renew their interlibrary loans via their National Repository Library accounts.

For domestic interlibrary loans we charge 9 euros per item. For foreign interlibrary loans we charge 25 euros per item. Photocopies are 6 euros per article. Interlibrary service for JAMK students is 5 euros per item.

Interlibrary loans return address

JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Main Library
Interlibrary Service
PL 207
40101 Jyväskylä