Library rules

The Library Rules are valid as of 4 April 2008. Updated 7th  September 2022.

Library services: the right to use and terms of use

The Library's basic services are open to all. The right of use consists of the right to use the Library's resources, services and premises according to the Library rules during the Library’s service hours. Additional services provided to Jamk students and staff include free information seeking guidance, the use of e-materials outside Jamk campuses and the use of some other materials. Jamk, Jyväskylä University and Gradia students and staff can also use the Self-service Library outside customer service hours.

Services subject to a charge are charged according to the Library's service fees.

A customer using the services commits to following the Library Rules and other Jamk guidelines. A failure to comply with the rules and guidelines can lead to a suspension of the customer’s borrowing and user rights as well as being liable for any damages.

Library card and borrowing rights

The personal information of Jamk students are transferred automatically from the Peppi system to the Library.

The following cards can be activated as a customer’s library card: Jamk library card, JAMKO student card, Keski Libraries card or Jyväskylä University Library card. MyJYU mobile library card can also be used. Jamk students and staff can also use a Tuudo mobile library card. A customer can activate Tuudo mobile library card without visiting the Library.

A customer can get borrowing rights and a library card by presenting an ID with a photograph. The library card is personal and must be presented each time the customer borrows items. The first library card is free of charge. Replacing a lost or damaged library card is charged according to the Library’s service fees. The customer is responsible for all material borrowed using their library card.

Jamk students:
The library borrowing rights of Jamk students expire when the customer graduates and has no unreturned items or fines. The customer can reestablish their borrowing rights if they so wish.

Other customers:
The library borrowing rights of other customers end when the customership expires and there are no unreturned items or fines. The customer can continue their customership by notifying the library. The customer can also reestablish their customership if they so wish. The customer can check their customership expiry date in the Janet Finna online library

The suspension of borrowing rights

We send a request by e-mail to return overdue items. Customers are responsible for paying their overdue fines. Borrowing rights are suspended if items have been overdue for a long time and unpaid fines exceed the amount defined in the Library's service fees. Borrowing rights are returned when all the fines have been paid and the items returned.

Customers are charged replacement fees for library items that have not been returned and overdue fines and handling fees according to the Library’s service fees. Once an invoice for overdue items has been sent to a customer, the management of the case has been transferred from the Library to the financial services office of Jamk University of Applied Sciences. The borrowing block is lifted once the customer has paid the invoice and presented a receipt for it.

Avoid a bad credit record by paying your invoice on time or by arranging a change of due date with the financial services office.

Renewing Loans

Course books can be renewed for six months from the borrowing date, other materials for one year. Reserved items and reference books cannot be renewed. You can renew your items online, in Tuudo (Jamk students and staff), via e-mail or phone, or at the Library.

Reserving and Returning

Customers can make reservations on material. Reserved library items are transported between the Library units. Items can be returned to any of the Library’s units. Night and weekend loans, however, must be returned to the same library unit where they were borrowed from.

Interlibrary Service

The interlibrary service is a lending and duplication service between libraries. Upon the request of Jamk students and staff, material not found at Jamk Library or other libraries in the surrounding area can be ordered from elsewhere as loans or copies. The interlibrary service is subject to a charge determined by the sending library. The sending library determines the loan period as well as other terms of use for the interlibrary loan. The customer must comply with the loan terms and compensate for potential costs caused by neglect. Items available at Jamk library can be requested by other libraries via interlibrary service.

Customer's Rights

Library customers have the right to:

  • use the Library's resources and premises
  • reserve material
  • return loans to any Jamk Library unit, with aforementioned exceptions
  • give feedback to the Library
  • place acquisition requests

According to the Personal Data Act (523/99), every library customer has the right to check their information in the Library's customer register. A customer can renounce their customership by contacting Jamk Library. For more information, see the Library’s customer register.

Customer's Responsibilities

The customer must comply with the Library Rules. The customer must also follow the copyright law when using the Library materials.

By borrowing library items, the customer accepts that they have to return the material by the due date during the Library’s opening hours. The customer must pay the overdue fines and other fees determined by the Library, see the Library's service fees. Advance e-mail notifications on upcoming due dates are an additional service. Potential malfunctions in e-mail or online services do not release the customer from the liability of paying fines.

The customer is obligated to compensate the Library for lost or damaged items. The customer must primarily replace a lost or damaged item with an equivalent new item, or pay the bookstore price. A video recording cannot be replaced with an equivalent new item.

Jamk students update their personal and contact information in Peppi, and it will be transferred to the library system. Other customers inform the Library directly about changes in personal or contact information.

The customer has to notify the Library about a lost library card.

Library users are expected to be considerate of each other and keep noise to a minimum.

When using the Self-service Library, the customer commits to following the Library’s and Jamk's rules. The customer is responsible for any people they let inside the Library during self-service hours.

Customers can return their borrowed library items by using the Library’s self-service machines or, when the Library is closed, by dropping them into the outside book drop boxes at the Main Library or the Finnish Music Campus Library. In case the self-service machines do not work during self-service hours, items can be returned to the outside book drop boxes.

The customer follows the instructions of the self-service machines and is responsible for the items being returned. The customer can make sure that the return of items has been successful by checking the returns receipt, by logging in to the Janet database or in Tuudo (Jamk students and staff). The Library is not responsible for unreturned items the customer has left in the Library.

Items returned into the outside book drop boxes are checked in (i.e. returned) by the Library when the Library next has service hours. Only after the items have been checked in does the responsibility of the customer over the items end.

Library's Rights and Responsibilities

The Library's customer register complies with the Personal Data Act and is used only for the supervision of borrowing and for managing the Self-service Library. Customer information is not handed over to outside parties. This does not apply to debt collection or customer information used in the Self-service Library’s access control or customer information handed over to the police for the purposes of preliminary investigation. The Library has the right to register the customer's social security number. The register privacy notice can be read on the Library’s website.

Information on opening hours is available at the Library, on the Library’s website and in other media used by Jamk. The Library’s opening hours are determined by the library director.

If the customer does not follow the Library Rules, their borrowing rights can be blocked temporarily. A temporary borrowing rights block can be lifted by the library director. The customer can also lose the right to use the Self-service Library.

The Library is not Responsible for

  • potential malfunctions in e-mail or online services
  • potential damage to the customer's own equipment caused by any borrowed library material
  • potential library equipment malfunctions or damages to the customer caused by computer viruses
  • customer belongings left in the Library
  • unreturned items the customer has left in the Library
  • malfunction of the Self-service Library system
  • malfunction of the Tuudo mobile app