Innovative Learning

Jamk University of Applied Sciences is a developer, innovator and researcher of working life orientated learning and pedagogical solutions supporting it. Jamk operates in a working life orientated learning ecosystem and acts as an expert community of vocational higher education.


A creative pioneer in the development of working life-orientated pedagogy

Innovative learning aims at building future competence, which can be reformed and refined into competitiveness by developing sustainable solutions for learning and renewal. In our focus areas, we implement versatile and multidisciplinary education, service, development and research activities.

We support the renewal of the competence of companies and other organizations and the growth of competitiveness through various education and development services both in Finland and abroad. We train experts in the field of education and develop education and training. Top expertise builds world champions.

At the core of Jamk's expertise lie high-quality teacher education and strong business competence. When planning our education and expert services, we utilise research data within the field and the diverse expertise from other Jamk fields of education as well. In our activities, we use pedagogical design and digital environments. Jamk is an internationally audited and accredited university of applied sciences esteemed by the working life. 

We develop, study and produce new innovative pedagogical solutions.

Create Joy in Learning

At Jamk, you can study to become a specialist in education or deepen your pedagogical competence. Jamk's School of Professional  Teacher Education trains experts in teaching and guidance and develops pedagogical competence in working life. We support the renewal of the competence of companies and other organisations through various education and development services both in Finland and abroad. 

Professional Teacher Education

At Jamk's School of Professional Teacher Education, you can study the pedagogical qualifications (required to work as a teacher in Finland). Our International Professional Teacher Education is available in English as hybrid studies.

Teacher Education and Educational Leadership

Expertise for the improvement of the quality of education: professional development programmes and development cooperation projects. Support stretching from school development to educational system reforms.

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Teacher Education for the Digital Era – Apply 3 - 19 January 2023

The International Professional Teacher Education Programme in Jamk University of Applied Sciences provides the pedagogical qualification for working as a professional teacher in Finland.


Do you need additional studies for a foreign teacher's degree to work as a teacher in Finland? Apply now for a training!

The OSU project offers additional pedagogical studies and career guidance for teachers. Apply now to the training!


Teacher education development in Mozambique on display at Africa Day 2023

The TEPATE project, in which Jamk’s experts are supporting their Mozambican partners to develop the teacher education in Mozambique, will be on display at the poster session of Africa Day on May 25th.

Customer story

Finnish Pedagogy Diploma Programme for K-12 teachers, Qatar, 2019

The programme was created to strengthen the capabilities of the locally hired teaching staff of Qatar-Finland International School to apply pedagogical approaches and practises widely used in schools in Finland.

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Johtava tutkija, Principal Researcher
AOKK T&K, Research, Development & Innovations (RDI)
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education