news 16.10.2020

#ErasmusDays 2020: Erasmus+ enables JAMK’s cooperation in Europe and around the world

JAMK participates in several Erasmus+ projects - read the intros

#ErasmusDays 2020: Erasmus+ enables JAMK’s cooperation in Europe and around the world.png

JAMK’s research, development and innovation projects are living from the active co-operation and breathe through the fruitful networks. During #ErasmusDays on 15-17 October, 2020, we are highlighting and celebrating all our Erasmus+ projects and mobilities.

Erasmus+ programme is the most significant EU programme in the field of education development. Throughout the years out JAMK has been active operator both in the Erasmus+ projects and previous EU programmes (Leonardo da Vinci etc). Through Erasmus+ projects we are able to have an impact on so many important issues and learn from each others in cooperation with our talented partners. Learn more about Erasmus+ programme.

Here below you can find short intros of some of our ongoing over 20 Erasmus+ projects!

GeNEdu - Developing Multidisciplinary Innovations for Gerontological Nursing Education in China project aims to renew nursing curricula through building capacities of the Chinese HEIs to develop gerontological nursing education for future health care professionals to meet the needs of the ageing society in China. It is financed from the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2, Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education 2019.

EATHEN - Equitable access to higher education for students with disabilities and students from marginalized groups in Nepal. This Erasmus+ project is supporting the Nepalese universities in their development towards inclusive management and practices. Have a peek at our work in Nepal (video)

ProInCa - Promoting the Innovation Capacity of Higher Education in Nursing during Health Services´ Transition project strives for solving the defined problems in Kazakhstan nursing higher education institutions and nursing practice. The wider objective of the ProInCa project is to develop the sustainable innovation capacity of Kazakhstan’s Medical Universities for the modernization of nursing.

START IN - Developing inclusive and innovative entrepreneurship education in Europe. The project develops educational environments that enable young people to progress in their innovation and entrepreneurial skills, regardless of their social, cultural and economic background.

ViSuAL - Video-Supported education Alliance. ViSuAL develops evidence-based hands-on pedagogy to utilize video-supported collaborative learning in teacher education and VET-schools. An evidence-based pedagogical model for Video-Supported Collaborative Learning will be co-created by six HEIs-Teacher Education (HEIs-TE) and six Educational Technology Designers (ETDs). Join ViSuAL’s webinar 17.11.2020 (in Finnish)!

And some more...

  • DIG-IT - Digital Education Initiatives and Timely Solutions for the Universities and Healthcare Industries
  • Fit for 4.0 - Training Teachers and Trainers to the 4.0 paradigm
  • EDUREFORM - Mitigate the Impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution on Indian Society: EDUcationREFORM for Future and In-Service School Teachers
  • MOBVET - Mobility for vocational education and training
  • MUSAE - Multidisciplinary Skills for Artists’ Entrepreneurship
  • Pro-VET - Professional Development of Vocation Education Teachers with European Practices. (latest blog post available.. )
  • PULSE - Promoting smart specialization oriented adult learning pathways in small and medium enterprises
  • RescEWE - Resilience and rescue skills for SME's, strengthening Early Warning Europe
  • SIENHA -Strategic Innovative Educational Network for Healthy Ageing
  • SMAHPC - Student-run Multidisciplinary Allied Health Practice Center
  • STRENCO – Strengthening multi-professional competencies in mental health in an international context, through co-production with academics, students, service users and professionals
  • Teaching and Learning in Heterogenous Classes (Hessen)
  • TOBP - Transcultural Open Badges Platform for Migrant's Transition Mentoring EARLY LIFE FAMILY CARE
  • Youth Guidance Center Coordinator Training – just started!