Teachers are not often using video tools in a way that would contribute to developing conceptual thinking and problem solving skills as relevant work-life competences of the knowledge worker. There is a need for e-competent teachers in utilizing e-learning with leading digital collaboration solutions. The same holds for pedagogical knowledge of designers in educational technology companies. 

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Six HEIs-Teacher Education (HEIs-TE) and six Educational Technology Designers (ETDs) are co-creating an evidence-based pedagogical model for Video-Supported Collaborative Learning. Culture for video-based e-learning and knowledge building will be established through experimentation in teacher education and VET-students in practice.

ViSuAL develops evidence-based hands-on pedagogy to utilize video-supported collaborative learning in teacher education and VET-schools. It also develops hands-on principles for a sustainable HEIs-TE and ETDs co-creation partnership. Last but not least ViSuAl develops pedagogical design principles and workable pedagogy practices for ETDs to enhance use of their products in education.

In the long run, ViSuAL will contribute to meeting the modernization needs of European HEIs in advancing digital skills for learning and teaching. Due to the practical nature and provision of workable practices for transforming education, teacher will embrace the experimentations carried out in ViSuAL in local level and spread it trough their institutes. The insights gathered during the co-creation process have an impact for the innovation capacity of the companies in partnership with their stakeholders, customers and the HEIs as researchers, facilitators and design partners of the companies. The producst and publications will be availbale as open source. 

Project group in JAMK University of Applied Sciences:

Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen, Project Manager, Principal Lecturer, Teacher Education College
Eila Burns, Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education College
Mikael Viitasaari, Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education College
Karoliina Väisänen, Senior Lecturer, School of Business
Anita Hukkanen, Senior Lecturer, School of Business
Anne Törn-Laapio, Senior Lecturer, School of Business
Elina Vaara, Senior Lecturer, School of Business
Sami Sallinen, Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Studies

More information:

Laitinen-Väänänen Sirpa

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
AOKK T&K, Research, Development & Innovations (RDI)
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Teacher Education College
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Burns Eila

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Jatkokoulutukset, Further Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Teacher Education College
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