Key Performance Indicator
Key Performance Indicator
Rector's Final Account
Rector's Final Account
Research and Development
Research and Development
2020: The Year of Pandemic
2020: The Year of Pandemic

Annual Report 2020

2020 will go down in history as the year of many changes. People switched to telecommuting, travel was restricted and studies were conducted mainly online. However, Jamk University of Applied Sciences survived the exceptional year well considering the circumstances.

Annual Report 2020: Rector's Final Account

In year 2020 marked by the pandemic, Jamk took a veritable ‘quantum leap' towards our strategic goal of reinventing higher education. The transition to distance learning and the use of flexible hybrid models last spring were highly successful.

Annual Report 2020: New Winds Blowing in Our Community

All in all, the past year has been an unusual one from the perspective of the Board, the staff and the students alike. The transition to distance teaching and learning happened practically overnight.

A New Agreement Period and Strategy - Reinventing Higher Education as a Vision

Jamk has good starting points for entering the new agreement period and implementing the new strategy. Rather than happening overnight, this was achieved through sustained and productive work and our excellent and competent staff.

Key Performance Indicators 2020

Jamk University of Applied Sciences Ltd’s 24th operating year in 2020 was significantly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Jamk Educates in 2020

More students than ever before graduated from Jamk University of Applied Sciences in 2020. Jamk clearly exceeded the degree targets set by the Ministry of Education and Culture. A record-breaking number of credits was again completed in Open Studies.

Jamk Engages in Research and Development in 2020

Research, development and innovation activities at Jamk University of Applied Sciences have grown continuously since 2015, and their volume in 2020 was higher than ever before.

Jamk Serves the Working Life in 2020

Jamk continued its service business in 2020 despite the pandemic and the fact that international travel came to an almost complete standstill. Remote connections were successfully used in international and domestic cooperation.

Jamk Works for a Sustainable Future in 2020

A Working Group on Sustainable Development promotes sustainability and responsibility at Jamk. Together with other UASs, Jamk has also committed to the Programme for the sustainable development and responsibility of universities of applied sciences.

2020: The Year of the Pandemic at Jamk

The COVID-19 epidemic, which reached the proportions of a global pandemic in 2020, affected the activities of Jamk University of Applied Sciences for most of the year. In practice, Jamk switched to distance learning overnight.

Jamk Joins the Finnish Information Security Cluster FISC

In 2020, Jamk University of Applied Sciences was selected as a member company of the Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC). The members include companies and organisations that provide nationally significant cyber security services.

Jamk Receives a Second EUR-ACE Quality Label as the First Higher Education Institution in Finland

The accreditation shows that Jamk’s degree programme in Logistics applies the same quality criteria as corresponding programmes at leading European educational institutions.

Jamk Joins the European EFFRA Network for Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

In 2020, Jamk joined the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA). This network consists of companies and research organisations in the mechanical engineering and industrial manufacturing sector in EU countries.

International Recognition for Jamk's Master's Degree Programme in Health Promotion

Jamk was the first higher education in Finland to renew the international IUHPE accreditation of its Master's Degree Programme in Social Services and Health Care.

Jamk joins the Finnish Esports Federation

Membership is due to Jamk's actions towards developing e-sports in Finland, create opportunities for research in this sport, and offer new expertise to the field.

Jamk Contributing to Solving the Global Learning Crisis

Jamk maintained its success in supporting developing countries. The goal of work in developing countries is always for education to reach all learners more equitably – this means tackling the global learning crisis.

Jamk Mapped Out Cyber Ranges: European Companies and Organisations Practice Actively to Foil Cyber Attacks

Companies and organisations use cyber environments to improve their personnel’s skills and to develop the continuity and resilience of their operations in the event of cyber incidents.