GeNEdu News - Greetings from the successful first module of the Gerontological Nursing pilot course

Teaching situation

Photo by Chenhui ZHOU, Guangdong Medical University.

The GeNEdu Gerontological Nursing pilot course started at the beginning of April with module 1 “Gerontological Health Promotion”. The course is piloted at each European and Chinese partner institution and mentored by the EU partners. The aim of the pilot course is to develop competences in planning and conducting online learning with various pedagogical methods. It also provides experience to help build the new curricula of gerontological nursing.

The course started smoothly with altogether 30 students from all partner institutions participating in the lectures and workshops. The students were active in discussions and experience-sharing and participated courageously in the group work on diverse topics about gerontological health promotion. Each small group had students from different partner institutions, which made the collaboration among students culturally diverse. Teachers from the Chinese partners joined too and guided the small groups in their work and supported students in achieving the learning goals of the module. Through this international perspective, teachers and participants were able to not only present the topic in a different light, but also develop the use of technology and online collaboration across countries and regions.

After the successful first module, the seven students participating from Guangdong Medical University gave a high evaluation to the practicality of the course content, the extent of achieving the learning goals, the teaching methods, and teacher’s instructions. They also came up with suggestions to improve their own learning in the future, such as reading more foreign literature in nursing to broaden their horizons and learning time management. The first module ended with good feelings, and now the work continues with module 2 “Gerontological Nursing”.

Listen to Guangzhou Health Science College student Siqi GU tell her thoughts on the first module here:

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