Minimum accepted scores on student admissions

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This page provides information on Jamk's student admissions. The statistics you can find on this page show the minimum accepted scores of each degrees.

International UAS Exam has been used as a student selection method from spring 2022.

How to read the statistics

Please notice, that the statistics on the minimum accepted scores have been published after the student selection have been published and they might have changed in final student selections due to admissions from waiting lists. The minimum accepted scores always concern certain application period, which means that they change annually and the different minimum accepted scores in different years may not be comparable.

The name and the minimum accepted scores by each student selection method are mentioned in the statistics concerning joint applications. The name and the minimum Open Studies grade point average are mentioned in the statistics concerning Open Study Path applications.

Statistics of joint application

  • In case a hyphen has been marked to a student selection method, the student selection method in question has not been in used.

Statistics of Open Study Path application

  • In case there is a statement that says "all eligible applicants were admitted", there have been as many or less applicants as there were available study places.
  • In case a hyphen has been marked to the column of "Student selection", there have not been acceptable, eligible applicants.


First joint application on spring 2022, degree programmes conducted in English

Open Study Path application, spring 2022

Open Study Path application, autumn 2022

How to apply

Information about the application times, entry requirements, selection criteria, required certificates etc. on Jamk's applying instructions!

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