With the help of this self-study material made by library professionals, you will learn about the Library's services and how to seek information in the Janet database. You will also get tips on how to evaluate information you have found.

Without further ado, let's get going!

1. As a student you are already a Library customer

In this video Kirsi Laasasenaho introduces the contents of the self-study material and the workshops and explains why you should learn to use the Library services right from the start of your studies. You should listen carefully to these helpful tips by an expert.

Slideshow: Introduction to information seeking 

You can also watch the video from here »

2. How can you get a library card? What are the Library’s self-service hours?

In this video (partly subtitled) Susanna Niemilahti-Könkkölä introduces JAMK Library services in a pragmatic way. The video includes a few exercises.

Slideshow: Library services


You can also watch the video from here »

3. Janet library database is your route to printed and electronic information

In this video Birgitta Kurvinen instructs how to use the Janet database. You will learn how to seek information on a specific subject and filter the search results. You will also learn how to check the availability of material in Janet.

Please note:

- In August 2020 changes have taken place in logging in to Janet and using PIN code. Otherwise the video is up-to-date.

- Quiz questions can only be taken by users that are signed in to JAMK's Panopto site or use Chrome or Firefox with a personal account.  


You can also watch the video from here »

4. Information evaluation skills

In this video Riitta Ruuska talks about a subject that cannot be emphasized enough. Among other things, you will learn the difference between scientific, professional and popular sources of information.

Slideshow: Evaluating information and source criticism


You can also watch the video from here »