The collection management policy at JAMK Library

The collection management policy is updated on 8 September 2017.


The Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences Library (JAMK Library) consists of four library units. The basic principle of our collection management is to provide excellent circumstances on our part for learning as well as research and development in our organization.

We develop our collections by examining their use via reports and data on circulation history, for example. The collections are also developed by taking into account customer feedback as well as JAMK’s strategic outlines. The Library has an annual acquisitions budget.

The Library acquires books and other materials cost-efficiently and places them into the Library units. The collections are regularly checked for outdated material which is subsequently disposed of from the collections. Regional collaboration with regard to collection management is done with other local libraries. Material not acquired by JAMK Library or any other library in the area can be ordered as an interlibrary loan.

Course material

The Library acquires course material according to JAMK’s degree requirements. The Library checks the primary course reading material as well as the additional, recommended reading material from the contents of the courses offered in the study guide, based on which the Library then does acquisition. We advise that in addition to printed materials also electronic materials are taken into consideration when selecting reading material for courses. New additions to the course materials listed in the courses offered need to be notified of to the Library well before the beginning of the study period.

General collection (books, journals, e-materials)

The Library staff keeps up with the newest literature of different fields in collaboration with teachers for the purpose of acquisition. The Library units avoid overlapping acquisitions. Materials benefitting several fields of education are placed in the Main Library. Electronic materials are accessible on JAMK’s network. The contents of our electronic collection are decided on annually at the end of each year. All audio-visual materials acquired (e.g. DVDs and CDs) have to include a license permitting Library lending. The Library subscribes to journals, annals, and newspapers. The locations and retention times of both printed and electronic journals can be viewed in the Library’s online catalogue, Janet. Journal acquisitions are decided on annually in early autumn for the forthcoming year.

Institutional collection

The books acquired for the use of JAMK’s staff are part of the so-called institutional collection and are paid for by the educational units. Further information and instructions on the cost-efficient acquisition of books can be found on the Elmo intra.

Acquisition requests

Acquisition requests can be made via:

  • email,
  • an electronic form, or
  • a printed acquisition request form available at the Library.