At Tarvaala Library you will find information on the field of bioeconomy. The Tarvaala Library collection has material related to agriculture, forestry, the environment, bioenergy, and entrepreneurship. Also pedagogical and research literature is available at Tarvaala. The collection features books, reference books, magazines and newspapers, theses, DVDs as well as electronic magazines and electronic books. Tarvaala Library’s collection consists of approximately 5500 books as well as 70 magazines and newspapers.

Tarvaala Library is located in Saarijärvi at the Institute of Bioeconomy of JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Built in 2010 the Institute of Bioeconomy is a product of energy efficient building with its own solid fuel heating plant. Tarvaala Library is the first library in central Finland to utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in its library system.

Tarvaala Library is 66 square metres in area. The Library’s other facilities include:

12 customer seats
3 computer workstations
1 printer
1 self-service machine (to check out and check in library material)