The Library is located in Finnish Music Campus, Pitkäkatu 18-22, 40700 Jyväskylä.
Phone 040 559 4193, Email: kirjasto.musiikki(a)

Attention! The Finnish Music Campus is under construction (extension), causing some changes.

Entry is behind the building via the terrace door of restaurant Fuuga.

The outside drop-box is not in use for the time being.

Music Campus Library of the Finnish Music Campus specializes on music and provides services jointly for Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University and Jyväskylä College. The Library is open to everyone.

Music Campus Library is located near the city centre of Jyväskylä at Pitkäkatu 18–22. The Library was renovated in 2011. The Library has a wireless internet connection.

At Music Campus Library you will find computer workstations that can be used for information retrieval and to listen to music, for example. In addition the Library offers spaces for group work and individual work. For students and staff of the Finnish Music Campus also the small sound editing and control room Äänipaja is available.

The Music Campus Library collection consists of sheet music, scores, music literature, journals, recordings and electronic material. There is material on the field of music for researchers and students as well as experts and amateurs.

In our Library you can find information and material on, for example:
•    music theory and history
•    the research of music
•    music and early childhood education
•    pedagogy
•    the production of music
•    music therapy and physiology
•    genres (classical music, pop/rock/jazz, folk)

At Music Campus Library all customers can make copies and print:

Printing / copying:
A4 black-and-white     €0.03     
A4 in colour                  €0.06     
A3 black-and-white     €0.06
A3 in colour                  €0.12

It is also possible to bind books with spiral binding combs at Music Campus Library. Guidance on the use of the binding machine is available.

Material prices: binding combs €0,20, plastic covers €1, projector transparency covers €0,20.

Äänipaja = "Audio Workshop"

Äänipaja is a small sound recording and editing room which can be used for studying, researching and personal purposes.

At Äänipaja you can, for example:

- record, edit, mix, program midi instruments
- start, continue, add to and edit musical projects
- record events and music from the Hannikaissali concert hall
- practice playing
- record and edit videos
- attend music technology courses
- practice music technology skills
- use the Library's materials
- observe some of the classrooms (for research purposes)

Äänipaja is also available for use in the evening, on weekends and during holiday seasons.

To get the right to use Äänipaja students and staff of the Finnish Music Campus have to participate in an introductory orientation. If you are interested in using Äänipaja, please contact: Tapani Lehtonen / Musiikkikampuksen kirjasto
(040-3591704 / firstname.lastname(at)